Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm so tired that I can't from coherent thoughts so this is me rambling and probably not making much sense.

This week has been very long.  I hate daylight savings time.  Why can't we just keep the time the same?  It takes me a whole week to adjust.  It's worse when we spring forward for me because I can't get to sleep at night and it feels so much earlier when I get up. Yes, I like that it is light out when I get off of work but I  am so exhausted this week that I haven't been able to enjoy it.

The weight loss is going well. It's slow but steady.  Some days are better than others.  Except for the week I was on the cruise, I have lost every week.  Last week I lost all of the cruise weight, plus one pound.  That is what keeps me going.  If I were not losing I would probably give up.  I have a ten week goal in mind though, and I am committed to seeing it through.  Physically I am feeling so much better though and we have been exercising more in the last two months than the rest of the year combined.

I am worrying incessantly about something and it is exhausting.  It's something kind of scary and I can't allow myself to think about it for very long or I find myself on the verge of tears.  Waiting and not knowing are pretty much the worst two feelings in the world for me.  I think it is about the loss of control.  I know worrying does nothing to help but I can't stop doing it.  Yes, I am being vague.

I need to post this somewhere where I see it every day:

Today I will just try to breathe in and out.

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2china4S said...


Great job on losing the cruise weight. I have gained an obscene amount of weight, depression is a witch. Now with my limited mobility it is going to be much more difficult to lose weight. I feel like my warranty expired, that's why my body is falling apart. :)

Worrying and ruminating never help, but I know all too well what is like to be where you are. Wish we were there already. You are very strong, a fighter, a survivor. Just hang in there, because as soon as we are settled we are going to have a let it all out party. :)

Just breathe...