Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's Going On

I have had that song stuck in my head all night.  Why do I have a 70's soundtrack going on in my head?  I don't know.  Must be that easy listening station I had on in the car.

So since that song is playing in my head(non-stop now, thanks to this post) I guess I will tell you what's been going on with me.

I accomplished something I have failed at before, and have been afraid to try again.  I have a whole other post on it, but I am very proud of myself. Took this picture while accomplishing it. Spring has sprung around these parts.  Then again, we pretty much just skipped right over winter this year.

The thing that I was incessantly worried about turned out o.k.   I was(am) so relieved. For about 4 days I was the most scared I think I have been in a very long time.  There was a suspicious growth, then a biopsy, then the word benign was used, and a (minor)surgery scheduled for next week.  I couldn't even tell you what time though, because I honestly don't remember anything the doctor said after the words benign came out of his mouth.  SO relieved.  I slept 10 hours on Friday night I was so exhausted from last week and the sleepless nights.   Someone isn't happy about having to have it removed, but he'll get over it!

Last Friday I had a procedure done that necessitated me leaving the office looking like this:

Sexy, No?

I had to stay inside in a dark room for two days afterwards.  Thankfully it rained all weekend. And no, it wasn't a cosmetic procedure(it really wasn't).  I had a lot of precancerous cells on my face, and I had them burned off.  Burned.  Off.  Yes, it was as uncomfortable as it sounds.  The recovery was painful.  They said it was going to feel like the worst sunburn you have ever had. Yeah.  It felt pretty much like that.  Except it was ten times worse.  Ouch!  I feel better now,  except my face is peeling off in sheets.  Which is also super attractive.  :)

Wear sunscreen people!  Seriously.  Every day.  And put it on your kids.  Save them the pain of having to have this done when they turn 40.

Weight loss is going really well lately.  The physical activity is really ramping it up and I am at 15 pounds lost so far. Finally people are starting to see it, usually when they are standing behind me, which begs the question "why are so many people looking at my butt?"  LOL.

So yeah.  15 pounds down.  

I struggle every day with being happy with that and not focus on how much more I have to lose.  I hate that I struggle with that! 

So that's what's going on with me.  What's going on with you all?


Kathy said...

Congrats on your weight loss, it is a hard thing to do. I am also trying to loose and it is not easy anytime, but almost 50 makes it harder.
Hope you face is healing ok and you aren't in too much pain anymore.
The flower is beautiful.

Nicole said...

You rock

Tracy - said...

Very, very sexy. I'm SO glad things are OK!

Kayce said...

15 pounds is what's going on!! You go girl!!! And yes it is visible! even with the sexy hat and mask, I said to myself that you look good! Great work my friend!