Friday, October 19, 2012


The following text message conversation occurred between my husband and me last night/this morning.

 I had just gotten home at 8:00.

Me:  Crap.  C(my roommate) is going to spend the night at her Mom's house tonight.

Joe:  And?

Me:  You know I don't like to sleep alone in strange houses.

Joe:  :(

Me:  Seriously, I don't know if I will get much sleep tonight now.

Joe: You can come here if you want.

Me:  No, I'll just suck it up.  I'll be o.k. right?

Joe:  Of course you will

Me: What if a serial killer tries to get in?

No response

Me:  You didn't answer the serial killer question.

Still no response.

Me:  Fine.  I'm going to sleep.  I'm kind of scared.   :(

Joe:  Oh sorry, I left the room for a bit.  Goodnight.  I love you.


Joe:  There is no serial killer.

Me:  You waited too long to answer.  Now I don't believe you.

Joe:  It was nice knowing you.

Me:  You aren't funny.

I went to bed.  The next morning he sends me this text:

Are you there?  Did a serial killer get you?

Me:  She's dead.  Next I'm coming for you.

Joe:  Bring it on A**Hole

Me:  Now I'm going to send you Michelle's head in a box and put it on your doorstep.

Joe:  I can think of some things I can do with her head.

Me:  You're gross.

Joe:  :)

Then I laughed and laughed.

(yes we do both  have a twisted sense of humor)

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That is great!