Thursday, May 01, 2014

Plugging along

It's the first of May already.   MAY!!  How did that happen?!  I swear it was just Christmas.  

We went to my cousins wedding and got to get dressed up. Doesn't happen very often. Finally gota recent pic of us.   It was a lovely wedding.  

Dragon boat practice is starting this weekend(early....yay!).  So happy. 

Another Mother's Day is upon us. I'm going to spare you the usual "mothers-day-is-hard-for-me-post"

You've  heard it many times before and I'm sure it gets old.  I'm in a much better place this year than I think I have ever been. 

I still feel sad.  I had a good cry the other day but I'm trying not to dwell on it. 

It's not a good day for me and it never will be.  But it's just another day and we will be paddling that day and then it will be done again for another year.  

Work  Busy.  Stressful.  Busy(so busy!).  I love my co-workers though, and that makes it easier.  

Most days the drive is fine(I enjoy it actually) but there have been two occasions when they closed the road completely due to an accident and I was late to work. I'm the opener and it stresses me out.  I'm not late to work. Ever.  

Well, except for two times in the last month and like I said, it stresses me out.  I have a CHP app on my ipad now so I check every morning to see if there is an accident before I leave.  At least that way I can call my boss to come open for me.  It's problematic when I'm parked on the highway with no cell phone service and I can't call and let anyone know I'm running late.  I'm hoping checking before I leave will help with that.  

It's been terribly hot here this week, and windy. My least favorite kind of weather. It's much cooler at the top of the hill than at work though, and the oak trees shading our place keep the inside quite cool.  This makes me happy because that means I won't have to crank the air conditioner too much during the day in the summer and have to pay for the extra electricity.   

We have started thinking seriously about getting a dog.  Well, a puppy.  My Sees-ter was fostering a very sweet pup that we were actually going to rescue but she broke her leg playing with her other dogs and can't be adopted out now until she heals.   She's so cute and Lisa says she is very smart.  I'm pretty much sold on her but joe really wanted a little bitty puppy(8-10 weeks) and she will be four months old by the time she is available so I'm not sure what we will do yet.  But I'm ready to have a dog again.  I miss it so much.  

Speaking of my Sees-ter, she and the kids came and visited for a week.  I took a couple of days off and we had the best time.  We were kind of crammed into our tiny little space but we made it work. 

We went bowling and to the Spectrum and ate out too much and bbq'd and had a campfire and generally just had a really great time.  

Lisa and the kids(and even Sawyer!) got to go riding, which was awesome until Cameron fell off.  It was his first time on a horse.  Poor guy.  I felt so bad.  We didn't make him get back on, and we probably should have because now he says he never wants to ride again.  I hope he changes his mind on that some day.   

We haven't managed to get out for too many hikes, which bums me out.  We have made a pact to get out there more on the week days.   I'm just so tired when I get home.   Sometimes I forget that I have a disease that causes extreme exhaustion.   On the weekends I spend a lot of time sleeping. I hate that.  There are so many other things I would rather be doing.   It seems like such a waste.   

And I often feel like I have to make excuses for it.  I've been known to turn down invitations to events because it meant I would have to get up too early on a Saturday or  Sunday, especially if it was  going to last all day. I simply need the time on the weekends to rest and recoup.  

As for the kidney disease, along with the exhaustion I find myself more swollen than usual. I am actually overdue for a re-check.  My insurance changed so I have to change nephrologists again and I hate choosing and meeting a new doctor so I've been putting it off.  I shouldn't do that.  I know.  

My eyesight has gotten even worse(which I never thought possible!).  I got a little money back from my taxes this year and it's supposed to go towards that but our car needs repairs too and there is never enough money for everything.    Things are pretty tight.  But I'm making it, even if just barely and I'm proud of myself for that.  

I suppose that's all that's been going on around here.   Nothing too exciting.  

I hope everyone has a good Mother's Day. 

I really miss my mom around this time of year.  

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