Monday, May 26, 2014

Salad in a jar

I posted about these years ago(maybe four or five?) but if can't locate them on my blog.  

There has been some discussion about them on fb lately, so I thought I would try them again. I'm especially curious  to see how they come out, as I have always had good luck with them. 

I'm making one of my favorite chopped salads, which I kind of made up. It's a variation of a salad they serve at Woodranch BBQ(haven't been there in forever, yum), minus their yummy croutons.  

First I chopped all of my veggies.  I use red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes(I use Roma, as they seem "sturdier") and corn that I cut right off of the cob. It's so sweet and so good.  But you could use canned corn if you wanted.  Just make sure it's drained well. 

I also use chopped chicken to add some protein.  

I love ranch dressing on this salad but I wanted it to be healthy so I used a ranch dressing made with Greek yogurt.  It was very good and I didn't even miss the whole fat ranch.  I add a teeny bit of water to the dressing to thin it out some, otherwise it tends to glob into the jar and hit the sides of the jar.  Since you don't want the lettuce to touch the dressing you want to avoid that if possible.  If that does happen, you can reach in with a piece of damp paper towel and wipe off the side of the jar if needed. 

All of my veggies and chicken ready to go into the jar.  I grilled this chicken and chopped it myself, but I have used pre-cooked/chopped chicken from the deli section in a pinch.  

Then start layering the ingredients in the jar. 

First the dressing

Then I put the chicken and the mushrooms, as they don't get mushy when sitting in the dressing.  

The tomatoes go next.  I don't really have a reason for how I put the toppings in, except I put the least "wet" veggies right next to the lettuce.  This order seems to work for me.  

Cucumbers and the corn, which will be the last layer before the lettuce.  

Lastly the lettuce goes in.  I really shove it in there, so it's a tight fit.  It keeps the veggies in their layers. I've even been know to lay these on their sides in the fridge and all of the layers stay intact.  I would recommend keeping it upright If this is your first time though, just to be safe.  

And there you have it. I can make a couple of these and pinterest says they will stay fresh in the fridge for up to five days.  I usually eat mine within four days so I've never tested that.  

They turn out perfect every time!

I have also heard you can shake these up and eat them right from the jar but I pack mine too tightly for that.  I simply pour into a bowl to eat.  The layers come out of the jar perfectly, with the lettuce at the bottom and all of the toppings and dressing on top. Just toss and eat. 

Perfect healthy, portable lunch!

You can do any variations of these with whatever ingredients you like or have on hand.  Just google "salad in a jar", or go on pinterest and you will find dozens and dozens of ideas.  I think ill branch out next time and try something different.  


Stacey T. said...

I've been making 5 of them them on Sundays and they are good all week. I don't put the dressing in the bottom because I have dressing at work. I bought a stack of 50 paper dinner plates and leave them at work and dump the salads out on them. In fact, I'm going to go make mine for the week now!

Catherine said...

This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I love salad, especially in the summer!