Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas vacation

Having a blast in San Fran, as usual.  Thought I would put a few pictures up because I know I'll forget later.  
I was fortunate enough to get seven days off of work, and we headed up on the 23rd at four a.m.(yawn). 

Hung around the house and somehow found ourselves out and about looking for some last minute gifts(not me, Lisa.  I had been done for quite some time). 

Obligatory tree photo

Lisa got us all fancy matching slippers. They are sparkly!  Lol.  

Lisa got me some new paddock boots.  One of my goals is to do a lot more riding.  The car accident derailed that for far too long.  
Joe got me this awesome mug.  He got me a few more elephant themed items.  I love elephants!

Cute little owl tea infuser and kitchen timer
I also got a printer that will print right from my iPad and phone, which I had been wanting.  

Grace got a trip to China over spring break and Taylor Swift tickets!  An awesome Christmas for her for sure.  Cameron got an Xbox 1.  He aw also quite happy.  

Played a game of apples to apples on Christmas Day.  Always a fun time. 

Dinner was delicious, as usual.  
In the Christmas spirit

The neighbors were certainly feeling it too. 
That's a lotta lights

Yesterday we went to a beach in Pacifica to watch the sunset(stunning), and today we drove into Sausolito and china town.  Pictures to come.  

Tomorrow we head home.  Boo.  

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