Friday, December 05, 2014

Tis' The Season

Oh blog, how I have neglected you.  I have the best intentions of writing every two weeks but it doesn't happen.  The time will come when I roll up the carpet and retire the blog. It might be soon, I have a feeling.  

But alas, not yet, because here I am.  

Christmas is upon us.  

Christmas, people! How the heck did that happen?

Halloween and thanksgiving gone, just like that. Poof.  

That's how I've been feeling lately.  Like I close my eyes and another month has gone by. Sometimes I feel like I'm sleeping my way through life.  

Work and sleep.   That's how it seems.  Truly.  

I've been exhausted.  My thyroid has been low for months.  I'm only just feeling the effects of the medication adjustment.  Why is the thyroid so hard to regulate?

So yeah, cue me sleeping on my lunch break in my car every day, and barely managing to get out of bed on the weekends again.  

That and I can't get used to sleeping alone with joe working the graveyard shift.  All of my single friends tell me I'll get used to it(and even like it!), but so far that isn't the case.  I still toss and turn on the nights I'm alone. Yawn.   

Our kitty Leeloo is getting bigger and she's a crack up.  She makes us laugh every day.  I've never considered myself a cat person but I sure do love my Leeloo kitty.  
At first she didn't look twice at the Christmas tree, but yesterday I caught her trying to untie the tree from the valance.  I tied it up thinking for sure she was going to climb it.  Thankfully she hasn't tried that yet.  

Knock on wood.  

Isn't she sweet and innocent looking?  Yeah right. She's destroying our house.  

For the first time in 15 years we stayed home for thanksgiving.   Joe's job had already agreed to give him Christmas off, so we knew he would be working for thanksgiving, and that was ok.  A week off at Christmas at a business that is open 24 hours a day is a gift.  We are so grateful.  

So we stayed home for thanksgiving.  Joe was gone at night and slept most of the days, so it was a quiet thanksgiving, which was exactly what I needed. I cooked a lovely meal.  Roasted chicken(I'm not really a turkey person), homemade mashed potatoes, Carmelized brussel sprouts with bacon and bleu cheese(to die for).  Plus roasted sweet potatoes and rolls.  So.   Good.  

I can cook when I want to.  It's not something I enjoy doing, but I am a pretty good cook if I put my mind to it.  

I spent the next three days doing absolutely nothing, and it was heavenly.  I cleaned. I slept.  I read a whole book.  I slept.  I put up our Christmas lights. I slept.  

Seeing any pattern there? So tired.  

I'm nearing the end of my physical therapy treatment from the accident.   While I feel 95% better, I do still occasionally have some neck pain.  I am choosing to continue care once a week for the next three months(out of pocket), but according to the attorney they can only treat me a certain amount of time based on the amount of damage done to the car.  I think it's ridiculous but it is what it is.  

Next week we will meet with the attorney and come up with a monetary figure that we feel covers the expenses the accident caused, along with pain and suffering.  If the insurance company doesn't counter with an amount we feel is fair, we will move forward with litigation.  

I'm out thousands of dollars from this accident.  Lost wages, multiple rental cars, the tow yard fee.  Not to mention the emotional toll this has taken on me.  I'm still very gun shy in the car as a driver and have even become a nervous passenger.  It makes Joe nuts. Sometimes I just close my eyes so certain things won't freak me out.  I obviously only do that when joe is driving. Most of the time.   Lol.  

I'm so ready for this to come to an end though.   It has consumed almost five months of my life and I'm ready to be done with it. 

Sometimes I will drive joe to and from work on the weekends when he works days so I can have the car.  We always stop and admire the view on our way home.  Lake Elsinore is very pretty at night.  

I'm excited to enjoy the rest of the holiday season.   I'm actually very prepared this year.  I'm almost done shopping.  I'm going to wrap this weekend.  The tree has been up since before thanksgiving(don't judge me!).  The lights went up on the outside last weekend, with more going up this weekend.   I've got a bit of a Christmas light obsession.   This is only half of them. 
The halls are decked and I'm loving it.  

I handmade all of my Christmas cards this year and those will be going out next week.  

I just love Christmas and having my own place again makes it a million times better.  This is the happiest I have been in a very long time.  

I'm very grateful.   

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Always wear your tiara said...

merry merry Christmas, my friend. deck the halls, the outside, the inside, even the roof, you've earnt it.

so glas you will be able to close the book on a really large chapter of this car accident soon.

2015 is just going to be fabulous.