Monday, February 27, 2006


Last night I finally got around to making the dish I was supposed to make for our anniversary. It's called "jambasta" because it is a combination of pasta and jambalaya. (Two of my husband's favorite dishes)
It turned out great and was sooooo yummmy! In fact, we're having it again tonight because I made such a huge pot of it! Perfect for a rainy day. Here's the recipe if anyone is interested: Jambasta Recipe. Oh yeah, I found it in one of Rachel Ray's new magazines Every Day With Rachel Ray. There are some great recipes in there. The only mistake I made was not putting the whole amount of hot sauce in that it called for because I was afraid it would be too spicy. It ended up being a little too mild instead, so I suggest using the recommended amount. I may try to spice it up before serving again tonight. I just love when dinner is already made when I get home!


Stephanie said...

Looks yummy. I too love Rachel's mag, but didn't make this recipe. I may have to give it a try!

Sue said...

Found your site was I was doing a recipe search! This looks yummy. Rachael Ray has some great recipes. Love your scrapbook pages. I was reading a little of your blog and noticed you are planning an adoption.
Some good friends of ours adopted a girl from overseas many years ago. She's now in Law School! Good luck to you..

Kristin said...


Lisa and Tate said...

I love pasta... I love Jambalaya (sp?) I will give this a try!!!! I've got to love it cause I am a spicy girl.


Kim said...

Ooh yum, I'm going to have to make this! As Rae Ray would say: "yummo"!