Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Wish

I wish.........

I knew how much longer Joe will be unemployed.

I lived closer to my sister.

I could pick up the phone and call my Mom.

I could  find the motivation to walk again.

My extraction site didn't still hurt.

We could afford to go out to dinner for Joe's birthday on Sunday(or that I could afford to get him a present).

I didn't have to spend the money I won on the radio on a new set of tires.

We could take the job Joe was offered  in another city and just pack up and move away.  They couldn't offer him enough hours per week to warrant us doing so.

The weather would cool down again.

I  could go to sleep right now.  Insomnia sucks.

What are you wishing for?


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I wish that your life was better my friend. I really, really, do. You and Joe deserve that.


Sherri said...

I wish the same for you my friend, I also wish my husband's job would pick up...it's hard for us, we can't do much. I only wish he would get his 8 hrs back, working 32 for the past 2 yrs really sucks when he was working 60. But I have to thank the Man above he still has a job. I really hope that Joe finds himself a job and I wish for better days to come....I keep praying about that.


Susan said...

My wishes are for you, my friend.


D and S said...

I wish I had all the answers to everything.

Cora said...

I wish I was not worried about money to go to china. I wish I weighed what sister weighs :) This is good post I could go on & on.
Have you tried water walking, i know you have had to stop waling because of your back and knees (I think) there is no impact and although I still hate exercise it doesn't hurt so that keeps me going.

Take Care, Cora

Tracy said...

My wishes are pretty insignifacant considering what you have had to deal with for the past however many years (I am adding your China wait in there), so I would wish that at the very least your wish for your husband to have a job would come true. I am sure that would take the majority of your current stress away.