Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm not going to lie, I'm not feeling it today. Yesterday was a hard day. A lot of tears were shed. It wasn't one particular thing that had me down, just a combination of a lot of things.

Today is a new day.

--I'm thankful to have a job. If you have a job, be thankful. I don't care how much it sucks. Be thankful.

--I am thankful that people like the things I create and actually want to buy them. I sold 6 banners over the last week. I am stoked!

--I am thankful for the support from my friends on the internet. I receive more love and support from people I have never even met than people in my life who I call "friends". Thank you for that. You don't know how much it means to me. Well I guess now you do. :)


Cora said...

So thankful this Thursday! Your crafts are awesome you really should start an Etsy shop, I am sure it would be one of my favorites :)

Have a good weekend.

dawn said...

I agree, you need an Etsy store.
I walked in your shoes once with my husbands job situation. I understand the knot in the stomach, the fear and the how much longer do we have to do this, feeling.
I wish for anything that it would change, right now for you.
Sending lots of positive luck your way.

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I'll third the Etsy store.

I'm as equally grateful for my e-friends. Somehow they just seem to "get it" whereas many of those who walk with me daily are oblivious. I've been lucky to have some e-pals turn into real life pals. They're some of the best. Evah.


Anonymous said...

And your internet friends are glad to have you too! I have learned to love you through cyber space and care about what happens to you!

Kayce said...

I fourth the etsy store!!! :)
Hugs to you my friend! I miss you tons and I wish I could come down for a visit or you could come up! One way or another we'll see each other again soon!