Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Joe and I didn't have plans to go out this weekend for our anniversary.  We usually wait a couple weekends when all the hoopla from Valentine's dies down.  I still had a gift card to Roy's that my sister got me for my birthday and we didn't use so we were planning on using that.

When I came home  yesterday afternoon from visiting with my Dad, Joe told me he had actually booked a reservation for later that night.  Woo hoo!

Now if you remember, we went there last year and Joe got the butterfish and I swore if we ever went there again, that's what I was going to order.  Well apparently I am not that smart because once we got there I was wooed by the entree that came with the appetizer and the chocolate souffle and I ended up ordering the Mahi Mahi because of that.  Of course Joe got the butterfish and I ate half of his because it.  is.  so.  good.  Next time I'm getting that. No really.  I have learned my lesson.  :)

Look!  I'm dressed and have makeup on on a Saturday night and I didn't turn into a pumpkin!


I took pictures of our food.  I'm weird like that.

Joe's entree that I wish had been mine. To die for.

My Mahi Mahi.  It was also good.  But it was  no butterfish.

Chocolate Souffle.  I don't have words for how good this was.  Yummmmmmmmy.

The dude was supposed to get the Roy's sign in the background.  He failed.

After dinner we walked around the outdoor mall.  Of course we had to go into my favorite store.  While we were there the young girl working behind the counter came up to us and said  to Joe "Hello there, you were my English professor at Fullerton College 4 years ago and I just wanted to tell you that you were a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot from you".  I got teary eyed right there in the store. I'm   pretty sure that girl had no idea how much Joe needed to hear that right now.

We left after that and right as we were getting on the freeway Disneyland started their fireworks show and we got to see a good portion of them while sitting at a couple of stop lights.

It was a perfect ending to a wonderful night!


Coley said...

Happy anniversary guys!! I'm so glad you had a great time. You guys need/deserve it!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

What a perfect evening. And I am hoping all of this is a sign of good things coming you way. You two deserve that.


D and S said...

Happy anniversary! It looks like you guys had a fantastic evening.

Gail said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a fabulous time...:)