Sunday, February 27, 2011

I really needed this reminder today.

I'm having a hard time.  I was up until 2:00 last night worrying about something.

Worry.  It's something I'm good at.  Yet such an unproductive thing to do.

It doesn't stop me from doing it.



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I do my fair share of worry. I am not sure what about or what triggers it. for the most part I think my worries are out of my control but that doesn't stop me.


dawn said...

You are not alone on the worrying thing. I just tell everyone it's my job cause someone has to do and I am REALLY good at it.

Enjoy a bike ride today maybe it will clear your head.

Anonymous said...

Hope whatever you are worrying about gets sorted quickly and you get some sleep.

FishermansDaughter said...

Ah worry - Anxiety's annoying little sister! Here's hoping whatever it is works out asap. Love the bike ride pics!

Leigh and Anthony said...

I really like your blog. We have a oct. 2006 lid and I saw your link on a friend's blog. You are a great writer and make me laugh. Worrying sucks. Sorry.