Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dizzy. Etsy. Day Off.

I wanted to thank everyone who after reading my last post offered me one of their old cell phones to use.  Unfortunately I can't use any of them due to the plan I am on, but I am so thankful for every person that offered.   I was definitely feeling the love. Thank you!

That pretty much sums up today.  Etsy=busy, dizzy=blech and day off=yay!

I have a few new things listed on Etsy.    I have a bunch of necklaces to make up this weekend. I was going to do it today but yesterday I had a migraine all day and then last night I had some pretty severe vertigo and I think I am just going to rest today.

 I don't know if you have ever has vertigo before but it is truly awful.  This is the second time in my life that I have had it.  It feels like the room is spinning.  Non-stop.  Like you are on an amusement ride but it keeps going and going and you can't get off of it.  Last night it got so bad it made me throw up (TMI, sorry). I spent a good portion of last night on the bathroom floor.  It is simply awful.  My doctor has no idea what is causing it.  Last time it coincided with a change in my hormone replacement therapy so it was decided that that was the cause.  This time it was preceded my a pretty bad migraine that lasted all day so I'm guessing the two were related.  I am feeling better today.  Did I mention it was awful?  Because it's pretty awful.  Blah.  I'm glad it's gone today.

On to my etsy creations.  I have been busy the last few weeks.

I made this Easter banner last weekend.  I was going for a vintage feel and I think I achieved that.

Here is the link for the Easter banner

I have been making these bracelets that I used to make for the kids at my daycare when I worked there.  They are made from stretchy cord and personalized with your child's name and a charm.  I have silver crosses, or ladybugs and dragonfly charms.  These are only $3.50 each and would be fun to put in an Easter basket.  These would also be cute to give out as Easter favors in plastic eggs to the kids in your child's class instead of candy.  If you order 5 or more I will give you a discount of $3.00 per bracelet plus shipping(which should run around $2.00 for U.S. shipping).  I can do any color combination you like.  These are just some girly examples.

The boy's bracelets are made with wood beads with either a cross charm or without.  I am working on getting some sports charms in for these as well.

I haven't listed these yet, so drop me an e-mail if you would like one.  scrapper.michelle(at)

 I made up this bracelet for a friend's daughter's baptism(her daughter is 7).  These would also make cute Easter basket stuffers, but these cost considerably more due to the silver beads and swarovski crystals. These can be made any size, from infant to young adult.   These bracelets are $10.00.

I had just enough of this Michael Miller China doll fabric left in my stash 
to make up these two picture frames.  The turquoise is my favorite. I love how bright and cheery it is. (Although they could be any color and still be stunning if they had my niece's picture in them  :)

These frames have sold(thanks Amy!).  I could easily make up a few more of these if I ordered more fabric, but I don't plan on it unless someone else requests it.  
I don't want to have too much stuff laying around the small space we live in.  But it anyone else was interested just drop me an e-mail and I can whip one up for you.

That's all for now. I have been busy crafting the last couple of weeks and now I'm ready for a break.  Well, not really because I have 8 necklaces to whip up, but no more new things coming for a little while.


Joannah said...

Pretty pretties! I remember when you gave me one of those little bracelets for Jillian. I just mailed it off to a family who adopted from China and their daughter is named Jillian Rose! She's getting all the personalized things I had received back then.

I sure hope you feel better soon.

Janet said...

Such nice things! You are so creative!

I have had an inner ear infection that sounds like your vertigo. It is AWFUL! Worse feeling in the world. My Grandma has vertigo and she had to go in and her doctor sort of shifted her head in a funny way and it went away. Something to do with these little "rocks" in there being out of balance?

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

U R 1 crafty girl!


KHM said...

To follow up Janet's comment, if this keeps happening (Vertigo, not caft orders) Google Epley manuver. But that is for chronic cases.

I had a bad case years ago - from a virus that settled in my inner ear. I was driving to CSUF and the freeway flipped over - or thats what my brain said. I swear, I really thought I was driving upside down. No idea how I didn't have an accident.

Anyway, its awful. The non drowsy version of Dramamine (starts with a B and that is all I remember) may help - in fact one of the old style sleepy making antihistamine's may help as well . . .

I hope it just goes away and never comes back!