Saturday, September 06, 2014

Dragon boat races

Still playing catch up.  

After our wonderful vacation, Summer continued to plug along for about a month, then it was time for the dragon boat races again. 

I didn't feel like this was a good dragon boat season for me.  I wasn't feeling well for a lot of it and had to sit out a few practices.  Then at the races themselves I just plain didn't feel well. After one of the races I felt so horrible that I had to lie down(on the hot asphalt) until I felt well enough to walk to the tent.  We almost had to call a medic, but you know how I am about that and refused to let joe. After I rested and hydrated a bit I felt better. 
I'm not exactly sure what's going on with that but I need to see the doctor about it.  

 Warming up for a race

New button.  I needed to do this a little more.  

I actually got to see the lion dance this year

They had this delicious new food booth this year that served rice balls.  Omg so yum.  

These flip flops have seen me through many dragon boat seasons

They have beautiful plumeria bushes lining the neighborhood streets in long beach.  They smell heavenly too.  

It was cloudy, but hot. Pretty typical for that time of year. 
Pretty view and skies on the way home. 

That wrapped up another dragon boat season, although we are gearing up for one more race in Los Angeles like we did last year.  

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