Sunday, September 07, 2014

On a roll

I'm on a blogging role.   I miss blogging.  I'm sad that it's gone by the wayside to fb, instagram and a hundred other forms of social media.  I've been blogging for nine years(!)  It's hard to walk away from that. At least for me. So I'll keep blogging.  Long after people stop reading.  

Living in the woods is a dream come true.  I love coming home at night.  Weekends are my favorite time, especially in the evenings.  I love nothing more than sitting out on my deck and listening to the crickets.   Some night are really loud and I try not to think about the actual number of crickets it takes to make such a sound and where they are all hiding.  Lol

We know there are mountain lions around, but I haven't really seen any critters out and about.  There is a skunk that comes out in the evenings.  The other morning I found this on our porch.  Evidence of some raccoons that got into some trash I left out on the porch(bad, I know). They had a little feast out there.  

We haven't been hiking that much, only taking walks around the campground.  We've caught some impressive sunsets and full moons in the last couple of months

I have a few flower boxes going on my deck but not much of a garden.  I need to make some covered boxes to grow vegetables.   We get very little full sun. Our entire property is covered in oak trees.   I've never been much of a gardener, but I can't seem to find many vegetables that grow in shade.  I tried some tomatoes in one of those topsy turvy planters that hang upside down that I got at Big Lots for .99 cents. It has produced a tomato.  One.  Tomato.   Isn't it beautiful?  Lol.  I'm not exactly sure when I should pick it. It looks pretty ripe right now.  Anyone have any experience with growing vegetables in a mostly shaded place?  I guess I'm late to the party.  Are there vegetables you can grow in the fall?  Must google. 

Speaking of fall. I couldn't help myself and put a few fall decorations out.  I didn't put out the witch hat shown below yet.  I'm not that crazy.  Although I was talking to joe today about where to put the Christmas tree.    :).  Hey people, it's coming!  Might as well be prepared.   

Ok I'm a little crazy because I did make some halloween cards. I was bored.  

Every morning when I leave for work this is what I see. Leeloo comes to the window and cries.  Breaks my heart. She loves her momma.   

It's been hot.  Unbearably hot.  Joe snapped this in Lake Elsinore when he went to pick up my medications this afternoon.  Thankfully it's about 8-10 degrees cooler where I live but 100 degrees is still too hot for this southern CA girl.  I'm ready for fall!


kitchu said...

I almost never post anymore but have kept mine and every now and then will put something up. I'm glad some are doing it again. It's nice to actually read something in more depth than just an FB post ;) I love your cat!

Always wear your tiara said...

I'm glad you are still going. I am too. Mine has changed course so much oh but wait, that's cos my life has!

That is way to HOT, way to HOT.

LeeLoo makes me smiles. Cutest little girl ever and quite cheeky with all her antics.