Sunday, September 07, 2014

Our newest family member

So I mentioned at Fourth of July that my Sees-ter talked us into taking one of the kittens she was fostering.  

I was very hesitant at first. I've never really considered myself a cat person. I'm more of a dog person. We did have a cat, for about 14 years and I loved her but she wasn't very affectionate.  She was an outside cat and came inside mostly to eat and be harassed by the dogs and then left to go back outside. She was sweet but I never  thought I would have another cat.  

I wasn't convinced I wanted one but we couldn't get a dog just yet and I was missing having an animal(besides a snake-yuck!) in our house. 

So we decided on a kitten.  We wanted a black kitten but after looking at several shelters there weren't any available.  

Then my Sees-ter called and said she was going to be fostering a litter of kittens and I should rescue one of those.  I told her I'd think about it.  

But when we visited her and got a look at them I fell in love. It's a kitten.  A sweet little baby kitten.  Who could resist that?  Not me apparently.  They sure are cute!

We had our choice of any of them but one of the gray ones, who Grace had already claimed.  
I loved the tabby on the right but it was a boy and joe wanted a girl. That left one of the two orange ones, or the other gray one. The other gray one was very shy so we didn't choose her. Out of the two orange ones, one of them was very sweet, but not that smart.  She was always missing feeding time because she wouldn't come when she was called. She seemed to be in her own little world.  Joe said she wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack. He vetoed her even though Lisa said she was very sweet, because he wanted a "smart cat". 

Ummm.....okay.  So we chose the other orange one(not sure which one in that picture)

We had to wait until she got older and spayed, so we left her at Lisa's and waited until she brought her to us a month later.  

Finally they brought her to us. She settled right in.  We named her Leeloo after a character in Joe's favorite movie(The Fifth  Element) who had flaming red/orange hair.  It fits her. 

I never anticipated how much joy she would bring to us.  There's nothing like having a baby kitten purring on your lap, or chest as she prefers.  

She's so much fun!  And I swear she thinks she's a dog. She has to go everywhere I go.  If I'm in the bathroom, she's in the bathroom. When I go to bed and lock her out of the  bedroom(because she jumps on my head and that's not conducive to sleep), she's crying at the door to come in. 
I've become one of those people whose house is full of cat stuff.  Scratching posts, cardboard boxes, felt mice filled with catnip.  Our dog never had this many toys.  I'm sure a cat tree will come next.  

She's so nosy too.  When I'm wetting my hair in the shower or putting on makeup she has to be right. There.  Seeing what I'm doing.  So funny. 

Now I see where the phrase "the curiosity killed the cat" comes from.  She's into everything!

My sister told me about this app on the iPad for cats so of course I had to try it. Much to my shock she loves it.  I've never seen anything like it.  

She actually plays the game and taps the bugs or the fish when they come on the screen! It's trippy. It came to the point where if she was sitting on my lap and I was doing something else, she would tap the screen on the ipad until I put on her game. I can't figure out how to put videos here but it's hilarious.  

Oh, and I taught her to play fetch. I've never seen a cat play fetch before.  

Joe says she's a genius. Doesn't everyone think that about their kid?  Lol. 

One thing I wasn't expecting  was the damage she might do to our place. Holy heck she's destroying the place!  The couch, the screen, the drapes. She's like a Tasmanian devil.
There goes our deposit!  Oh well. She's not doing any more damage than a puppy would do and we still plan on getting one of those soon(ish). 

This is not cool.  

But she's adorable when she's asleep!  Lol.   
Sometimes she sleeps in the strangest positions. 

We sure do love our Leeloo.   


cheryl said...

There's this cool cat app called cat selfie. Try it.

Alyson and Ford said...

I have always had a cat, they are so independent but so cute and cuddly! No pets now, so loved reading your post. Glad you are enjoying your new kitten. She's so cute (and yes, we had a cat that loved to fetch too).

Alyzabeth's Mommy