Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy. Exhausted. 24 months.

I have been so busy. Very, very busy. I'm ready to slow down now. This weekend was a blur of activity.

Friday was the wedding, which was beautiful, and romantic and oh-so-much fun. Pictures later.

Saturday night I found myself at another wedding, but this time as part of the hired help. A Mom from my sister's neck of the woods(Northern CA) sent out an e-mail to her mother's group a couple of months ago asking if anyone knew of a good babysitter in Southern CA for a wedding they would be attending here in October. My sis forwarded the e-mail to me, and I contacted her and told her I would be interested. So at around 3:00 on Saturday I went over to the hotel they were staying at in Laguna Beach and watched their one year old son while they attended the wedding reception being held at their hotel. He was a cutie, and a perfect angel, and they paid me quite well for it, so it was all good.

Today I spent the whole day in Loma Linda visitng with my cousins and my Uncle at the rehabilitation center, where I found he has improved much, which I am so happy about.

I only just returned home about an hour ago, and realized today is has been 24 months since we turned in our paperwork to adopt. It almost slipped right by me, just like last month. The months are starting to blur together, which is a good thing I suppose. In January we will begin the arduous process of renewing everything to turn in again and I will be praying hard that there are no glitches and we are able to complete it without too many obstacles. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. So I won't. At least for now. This week is looking to be quite busy too and I am exhausted and going to bed. At 9:00 p.m. Seriously. Good night.


Rhonda said...

Glad to hear that your uncle is improving.

Happy(?) 2're getting there.

OH MY #6 said...

Hope you slept well and got some rest!


Polar Bear said...

Congrats on having 24 months behind you. I agree - the months are starting to blend together, which is a good thing.

Hope you got some rest last night.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Good news on your Uncle!!

Cannot wait for the wedding pics....get some rest!


Kayce said...

I'm so happy for your uncle and family. YEA!

Sounds like you had a fun weekend....LOVE Laguna!!

Happy 24! Keep the faith.

Hugs friend.