Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We interrupt this blog break

For a doctor's appt. update. I saw the nephrologist today. He sat down with me and went over all of my test results.

I am still liking this doctor. This has been a good switch for me.

Joe couldn't come with me because he had a class to teach(which he was very upset about. He usually comes to all of my doctor's appts. with me. He had missed a class last week due to the car troubles and couldn't miss another one so soon.)

The doctor reiterated what he had told me on the phone on Friday, which was that he is quite pleased with the results of my labs.

Everything looks good. The protein leak is at less than 1 gram. There was minimal blood in my urine. My kidney function looks good, and the creatanine levels are within normal ranges.

Even my cholesterol levels are good. Aside from the low thyroid, which he is treating with a higher dose of thyroid meds, everything looks good.

He doesn't need to see me again for three months. I told him I spend quite a bit of time worrying about the disease, fearful that it is going to get worse or my kidneys will start to decline rapidly.

He told me not to worry so much. He said that even with the damage that was done to my kidneys in the time I went undiagnosed(which could have been anywhere between 4-8 years), the situation has improved so much since my diagnosis in 2006 that he isn't concerned about it right now.

He told me to live my life. To enjoy it. To try not to worry about stuff so much, because it isn't good for my health and it won't change the outcome.

So that's what I'm going to do. Live my life. Enjoy it. And try not to sweat the small stuff(so much).

Including the issues we are having right now that prompted me to take a break. We're working through it. It is stressful. It isn't something that can be "fixed" quickly.
But I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that we are on the right track and that this does not continue to be an issue for us when we bring Sophie home.

There will have to be some major changes made. But I am confidant that we can do it. Together.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. They mean the world to me.

Now back to my break...................


3D said...

What a great doctor! Hang in and hugs to you!

Keep smilin!

Kayce said...

Oh Michelle this is wonderful news!! Now quit your worrying and live it up. Yea I know easier said than done! Tons of hugs for you friend!!!! Hope things work out with whatever is going on. Thinking good thoughts.

PS - Love your Ben Harper lyrics...went to school with the he and his brother, good people!

Rhonda said...

Fantastic news! Now go live it up! :)

Jenna said...

Thanks for the update, you have been in my thoughts. I am so glad to hear that the doctor had good news. I hope that you are able to enjoy life and not be too stressed. I can't imagine how hard it is.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Wonderful news!!!! And he sounds like a great doctor. I'm so glad you found him.

Teena said...

hey there, michelle, great news from the doc!!! I agree, don't get too upset over things you can't change, especially if they hurt your health by worrying. sounds like you're doing absolutely fabulous and that is great!!! I'm so happy!

Shelley said...

So glad you're getting a better perspective and support from this doctor. He seems like a great fit for you. See - trust your instincts.

On the other front, I hope whatever the problem is works itself out quickly.



Doreen said...

Wonderful news.
Still gonna keep thinking about ya,tho.

Doreen in Montreal