Friday, January 09, 2009

For the Wii Fit Experts Out There

Or Wii Fit Geeks, like me.

I have been using my Wii Fit almost every day since I got it. I am really liking it.

But I have questions.

Perhaps you guys can help me.

I took a body test the first day that I opened it. No, I will not tell you the results. They were bad. My Wii Fit age was old. My BMI was bad. My weight was bad. Working on it, ok?

Anyway, I took another body test a couple of days later. I was hoping I could improve my score. Little did I know they were going to give me different tests. Heh. That's what I get for trying to cheat.

When I went to exit the body test screen and get my stamp for the day, it said

"Don't forget to come back and take a new body test every day".

Really? I'm supposed to do the body test every single day? Why?

Also, the second time I took the test(when it gave me different tests), my Wii fit age was really good! Younger than my actual age and much much lower than the first time.

Why is that? How could it differ so much from one day to the next, simply by giving me a couple of different body tests?

Also, every time it weighs me and does my BMI, it goes up! According to it I have gained 1.7 pounds and my BMI has increased slightly over the last 6 days.

But my scale in the bathroom has stayed the same.

Is the Wii scale reliable? Should I disregard the weight on it and stick to the bathroom scale?

I'm trying to lose weight, by the way so it really bothers me that it keeps saying I gained weight.

O.K., now for some of the games

On the Ski Jumping, do you have to go all the way on to the tips of your toes to go long distances? Because it hurts! And I almost fall over when I'm doing it. But if I don't do it, I either fall flat on my face(on the screen) because it says I didn't extend, or I don't go a very long distance at all.

Just wondering.

Here's another one.

When doing the step aerobics, I am finding it hard to get "perfects". I mostly get "OK's". At the end it tells me to try stepping on and off more slowly. I have tried that, to no avail.

Perhaps I just have no sense of rhythm? At all? Because I can't seem to get better at it. And trust me, I have tried.

And Stacey, forget the clapping in the advanced version. It ain't happening. I don't even try.

And lastly? Hula Hooping is hard. Who knew?

I think that's all for now. If anyone can enlighten me on any of the above topics, I would be very appreciative.


P.S. Gizmo wants to know

"Does this sweater make me look fat"?
Thanks Auntie DeAnn for the cool sweater!


Dolores and Shawn said...

I wouldn't do the test everyday and I wouldn't go by just their scale. I think like with any weight loss strategy, just keep doing the exercises and only weigh in once a week or so. When you start losing weight, you gain muscle instead. I think a better measure is how are your clothes fitting.

Stacey T. said...

Ski jumping, I just lean way forward...

The Body Test, I did much better the second time, I think it's because you are more physically aware of what they aer actually wanting you to do. My BMI has gone up since I started, and it is starting to PISS ME OFF!! I don't trust it and it's little whisper of the word OBESE!

Hula hooping I'm good at....thanks to your sister telling me how to catch the hoops and not getting hit in the head with them.

I dont' worry about the goods and perfects. I mean come ON, I'm stepping on the thing, so I have to at least get some credit for that!!!

Have you gotten the bubble in the river game yet? I can't get to the end of the river and it's PISSING ME OFF.

On a good note, tonight I did another 30+ minutes and Mark found someone that has lost 47 lb on it since May! Also, Dance DAnce Revolution is supposed to be a great workout.

Michelle said...

Stacey-so you don't have to stand way up on your tippy toes?

Also, mine doesn't "whisper" OBESE. It SCREAMS it. Sigh.

Cyndi and Dean James said...

Hi Michelle...
I am still looking for a Wii Fit. I has been out every where we have been. So, I can't help you there. I do have to say that I LOVE Gizmo's new sweater!! What a cutie!!
Cyndi :)

Stacey T. said...

On the ski jumping, no, just lean way forward. Think about how those guys look in the olympics with their ski's up in front of them....I just lean forward putting the weight on my toes, but not up on them....

P/S Yoga is kicking my ASS (maybe it's my knee replacement).

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I did much better at the second body test than the first, I think because I was more aware of my balance.

On the ski jump. Squat and lean forward, popping your knees when you jump.

I love the hula hoop and am quite good ( tho my son still kicks my butt)

My son got Shawn White snowboarding for Christmas. It is quite interesting lol.

I too find it hard to get "perfect" on the aerobics. My son does quite well so I know it is possible. I don`t know what my problem is ( I do find it semi helpful to watch the peoples feet and try to mimic their steps.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

We are also still looking for this was on Nick's Christmas list and it was sold out everywhere, so now we are searching for his bday!!

The sweater is so cute....and no, he does not look fat.....even in stripes...LOL!!

Have a great weekend!


OH MY #6 said...

I think I want a WII! How fun.

That dog looks so precious and he looks like he knows it! LOL!

Have a great weekend my friend.

Again, I will say, I am liking it that you are so positive this last while.


M3 said...

No clue on the Wii Fit, maybe I need to get one because I am so out of shape I lose my breath going to and from the mailbox (seriuously!). And that little sweater? Well it is so cute I swear I want to get a dog just like that so I can put sweaters like that one on him. Oh man, the cuteness.

Kayce said...

Man I so want the wifit, yes we still haven't gotten it!! I'm loving Gizmos sweater, to cute!

Aimee said...

I think that weighing in at the same time every day is important. We have found it to be pretty accurate when we do that. My partner has been very consistent in using it for the last two months or so and has lost about 20 pounds. She struggled with the "perfects" on the step aerobics at first too, but she does pretty darn well now - it is a rhythm thing and I think the more practice you get at it the easier it is to get the timing down. And I agree - clapping isn't even an option!

Michele said...

I so WANT a Wii and Wii fit. I have been all over since xmas and everyone is out. It sounds like so much fun and I SOOO need the exercise. I am hoping that this helps with some weight loss.
Once I find it, do most of the games (hoola hoop, step aerobics, skiing) come with the wii fit or are they all separate games??


Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good Morning From Atlanta, GA

I would love to send some material for the babies quilt. Where do I send it?

My prayers are forever with you,

Miss Lila in Atlanta

Snowflowers Mum said...

remind me not to get the wii fit!

okay, perhaps I need the wii fit. I have to go get one. this song...makes me smile