Thursday, January 01, 2009

The New Year's that kicked my Behind

We really didn't have any definite plans last night. We were watching the kids after all. How exciting could it be?

Judging by how I am feeling this morning, pretty darn exciting.

We started the evening off with a trip to the movies to see "The Tale of Despereaux". I give it a marginal thumbs up. The kids seemed to enjoy it but it didn't keep my attention that well and I was fidgety towards the end. Of course we made a stop at the local candy store to stock up on treats for the movie. That's what Aunts are for right?

Then it was home and I made dinner and attempted to clean up the house a bit. I said attempted. Sorry Lisa and Scott that the house is so thrashed. I tried.

After dinner we played with the Wii Fit for awhile. Don't ask me what my Wii Fit age is. I don't want to talk about it. I was surprised how quickly (pretending to) do the hula hoop will make your legs hurt. Pretty quick(like 2 minutes). Gosh I'm out of shape.

The kids(Cameron) then decided we should have a Dance Party in honor of New Year's Eve. Even though I wasn't feeling that great with a sore throat and was feeling slightly sore from the Wii Fit(shut up), of course I had to humor him.

So we had a dance party. And shot off confetti guns(I'm sure they were perfectly safe. Despite the warnings on them advising you not to give them to children).

And danced some more.

Then I decided I better vaccuum up some of that confetti that was now covering every inch of the floor and most of the furniture.

I did my best to get most of it although I'm sure Scott and Lisa will be finding confetti in various places for months(possibly years) to come.

By this time it was only 8:00. And I had made the mistake of telling the kids they could stay up until it was New Year's.

It was going to be a long night.

Luckily one of my Facebook friends suggested I find a station on t.v that was on New York time and let them watch the ball drop at 9:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 a.m.

Genius! So that's what we did. We counted down the minutes until the ball dropped in New York(Cameron thought it was cool. Grace was not impressed), then it was in their p.j.'s and off to bed.

Cameron insisted her wanted to stay up "really really late". I told him he could do so, if he stayed in his room. I thought for sure he would be out in a half an hour or so.

I was wrong. Every time it seemed like he drifted off to sleep, someone in the neighborhood would set off a firecracker and he would bolt upright in bed and yell "What was that"?

I finally made my way into Lisa and Scott's bedroom to watch " Clar.k's Roc.kin' New Year's Eve".

Joe stayed in the living room to keep an eye on Cameron. Thankfully Grace had gone to sleep an hour ago.

I managed to stay up until 11:45 before I passed out cold. Joe even came into the bedroom to wake me so he could give me a kiss but he said I was totally out. I don't even remember him coming in.

I slept like a log until 8:15 this morning when Cameron came ever so quietly(snort) into our room and asked if it was time to get up. I opened one eye and tried to answer him but no sound came out and my throat was on fire. I leaned over and hit Joe and somehow conveyed to him that there was no way I could be upright at this particular moment and that we would have to tend to the children.

Which thankfully he did. And allowed me to sleep until the glorious hour of 10:30 this morning. Bless him. I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary gift :)

Now I am up, but lying prone on the couch. It seems I have a lovely little cold that has settled itself in my throat and chest complete with a croupy cough. Every muscle in my body hurts and my head is pounding.

Welcome 2009!

On the agenda today is to build a ladder on the tree in the backyard so Cameron can climb it easier(This was Uncle Joe's idea).

Then the children have many ideas of how they would like to spend the rest of their afternoon.

Cameron wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese(not going to happen).

Grace wants to go to the movies again. But only if another trip to the candy store is included.

Cameron also wants to go to the video store and rent a bunch of games for the wii and some movies.

Both kids want to go to the park.

I want to lay on the couch and drink hot tea in perfect silence in hopes that the pounding in my head will stop and then take a nice long nap.

One can dream, right?

And how was your New Year's Eve?


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

SOunds like a FUN evening..
Have a Great Day...
I am being LAZY...
Happy New Year..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ha! We played the Wii, too. How do you like the Wii fit? We are debating that purchase.

Rhonda said...

Happy new year!

Karen and Bob said...

Happy New Year Michelle! So sorry your first day of 2009 is with a cold.

We went to Chuck E Cheese for the very first time last night with the OC mom's group. Great fun for Kailee...she can't wait to go back. Mommy can!

OH MY #6 said...

Happy New Year Michelle!


Lisa and Tate said...

You are a fun auntie!!! Moviw, Wii fit and DANCING... real cute! So sorry you are feeling so sick for the first day of 2009!!!

Julie said...

Happy new year Michelle!