Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Doctor

Today Joe and I interviewed a new primary care physician for myself.

I say "interviewed" because I plan on visiting several and then choosing the best one.

No more going to the first doctor on the Blu@ Cr@ss website and then enduring their crappy care because I am afraid to switch to someone else.

Nope. Not anymore. Once I found my wonderful, amazing, caring nephrologist(kidney dr), I realized that good doctors DO exist and doggon it, I deserve them!

I pay $1300.00 a year out of pocket to have this insurance and I'm sick of the subpar treatment I have gotten from doctors in the past.

I have not had a primary care physician for at least 2 years now. I stopped seeing my last one because he was an A**. (With a "hole" on the end)

When I got sick I was going to the urgent care, where they mostly just threw antibiotics at me, whether I needed them or not.

Then a year ago I started seeing my new nephrologist and my life was never the same. Oh how I love you, Dr. Ho. (Dreamy sigh).

Anyway, last month at my check up he asked me if I had a primary care physician. I told him "No". He said that I was more than welcome to come and see him if I had a problem and he did love seeing me(did I mention I love him? No? Well I love him) but he recommended that I also have a primary care doctor "just in case". Then he recommended one to me.

So today I went to check him out. And of course I made Joe go with me.

I had the first appointment of the day so I only had to wait like 5 minutes in the waiting room before they took me back. Score!

After the usual taking of blood pressure and weighing in(yay!), the nurse left and said the Dr. would be right in.

And come right in he did.

He introduced himself and we started going over the health history form I had filled out. My but I do have a lot of health problems.

Anyway, things were going along swimmingly until we got to the "female" part of the form.

My very favorite part of my medical history(insert eye roll here).

Up to this point he was being attentive, and asking lots of questions and really listening to what I had to say. I was very impressed so far.

Then we started going over my gynecological history. (I couldn't spell that for the life of me. Totally had to look it up).

So we are going over all of my surgeries, and ER visits(for the endometriosis and burst cysts on my ovaries).

Then he asks the million dollar question:

"Do you have kids?"

I was in no mood to go into all of that so I simply state:

"Nope" (moving on)

He looks at my chart, at the fourth surgery that states :"Hysterectomy" and this was his reply:

"Well you can forget that now. With the hysterectomy you will never have any children of your own."

Insert needle screeching across record player here.

I was stunned into silence. (This is no easy feat for me. Trust me).

I looked over at Joe with a look of disbelief as if to say "Did he just SAY that"?

Oh no he didn't.

But Joe had a similar look on his face and he dropped his head to his chest and rolled his eyes and let out a huge sigh and then I knew that he did in fact actually say that.

Dude. Seriously???

Way to be sensitive about a delicate issue like infertility.

And also?


I am well aware that I can't have any biological children. It's sort of one of the side effects of having a hysterectomy. I don't need you to tell me that. Were you under the impression that I didn't know??


I just had to get that off of my chest. In the end he was very thorough and spent almost a hour with me and I think I might keep him.

I'm willing to overlook one stupid comment if he is a good doctor and he actually listens to me.
I mean nobody's perfect. Right?

I might still go see the other one on my list just to check them out.

Oh and the Staph infection on my ear is back. Lucky, lucky me! And man is it painful. He has no idea why I keep getting these and neither do I. Sucks. More antibiotics for me.

One last thing.

Dear Dr. Siu,

Here's something I didn't get a chance to tell you:

My husband and I are adopting a baby from China and she will be just as much our own child as one that we conceived in my (useless) womb.

Thanks and have a nice day.


3D said...

They may have a degree but that does not mean they have social grace.

Hope you are happy with the new doc and things work out well with him.

Keep smilin!

Kayce said...

Ohmy. I am stunned that he said that! WOW. I am proud of you for interviewing pay them, and that means you get to choose who you want!

2china4S said...

WTF? I really hope he is good otherwise. I do get you giving him a pass. My PCP is a wonderful woman, caring, wants to be called by her first name only. Yet when we returned from China, she made one equally dumb comment. I had a prescription I lost before our trip, and when she asked how the change in med was going, I sheepishly confessed my boo boo. Her response floored us (P was there). She said, "I'm glad, because I got worried when I realized that you were on your way to adopt your daughter. Chances are you are going to get pregnant now, and I would not want you on that medication when you get pregnant." The kicker is that her youngest child is adopted. I so wanted to ask her how soon after adopting did SHE get pregnant (her daughter is 9). P also wanted to tell her that we chose to adopt, we were not and are sill not interested in conceiving. People need to learn that regardless of how our children join our families, they ARE our OWN. Great, now it's going to take me a few days to get off my high horse. :)