Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

--I am thankful that the new shows are starting up again for Fall.
I love "S o Y o u T h i n k Y o u C a n D a n c e" and "G l e e", and they were both on last night. Woo!

--I am thankful we get to get away this weekend, and I even get to meet up with some bloggy friend for dinner. Although at this point I call them just "friends" :)

--I am thankful that I got almost 2 hours alone in our place yesterday while my husband went to an appointment and ran some errands. Sometimes you just need some time to yourself. He gets that while I am at work. I don't. I miss it.

--I'm thankful that it is Thursday already. Short weeks rock.

What are you thankful for?


M3 said...

Can't wait for this weekend!!!

And holy moly woman, that rhyme/story was so awesome! Loved it. Made me grin, and my folks too.

2china4S said...

We are thankful that The Amazing Race is starting soon. Silly, but we really like that show. :)

Are you meeting your friends locally? When are you coming to Northern CA?

Julie said...

I love the amazing race too. I can be thankful for that and my amazing daughter but not much else today as I feel angry @ the world!

Kayce said...

So looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!!!!