Saturday, September 05, 2009

3 Word Sunday

We have done nothing this weekend. That's a good thing. I rented a bunch of movies from
R E D B O X(love that they are $1.00!) and we have just been hanging around the house.

Next weekend is going to be a whirlwind so it's probably good that we are hanging low this weekend.

Yesterday my Dad and I went to T o y s R U s to pick up a birthday present for Gracie. I was a little bit disappointed in their selection of girl stuff actually. If your child isn't into B r a t z(Lisa would kill me), or baby dolls, or makeup(tons of makeup kits), there isn't a lot to choose from.

I felt that even their B a r b i e selection was lacking. They only had a choice of either the white
B a r b i e or the black B a r b i e. I didn't t even care if the skin was white but I was looking for one with straight black hair. No dice.

We also saw this doll while we were there:

I'm sorry, but does this seem wrong to you?

This doll's thighs would have given me anxiety as a child(or at the very least pre-teen), and I was a stick.

When are toy makers going to start making diverse toys that represent our population that have realistic bodies?

Soon, I hope or my child is going to be playing with only toys that are carved from wood. :)


Jenna said...

Yeah what is up with her thighs? First why is she wearing a skirt that short and then why are her things as small as her arms? What were these people thinking? Even Barbie has bigger thighs than that! When I see things like that I am glad i have a little boy.

Kayce said...

Okay that doll is weird! Not okay at all!
Your weekend sounds like ours...a good one!!

2china4S said...

That doll is just plain creepy. Talk about sending the wrong, distorted, body image message to our daughters. SS has three dolls. Her first one we bought, but it is intended to teach her self care. Has a zipper, buttons, Velcro and shoe laces. Each grandmother gave her a doll. YUCK! Thankfully SS is more of a tomboy, she gravitates towards cars, and is crazy about soccer now. I can't imagine her owning a B@rbie. But never say never. Makeup? Seriously? OMG.

Sherri and Todd said...

I have to agree on that doll, she looks a little creepy. As for the rentals on DVDs and Red box, we love red box - can't bet the price of a $1.00 movie. We don't plan on doing much ourselves, just hanging around watching movies and doing lots of swimming as we always do!

Have a great day!


Snowflowers Mum said...

love redbox but our dvd player is being fixed right now:-(

That doll is creepy. Pper got one of the slightly less anorexic thumbelina dolls at a b'day party as a got 'lost' if you get my drift.

We like the Fancy Nancy doll from Target, she is nicely proportioned. The girls also like the Corelle Asian dolls, but I do admit that they have some 'barbie' like princess dolls a friend gave them. Mulan, Ariel etc.

I hate BRU & TRU. Target seems to have a better selection.

Our favorite toy is a much fun, new role playing everyday!

hey...your kids and our kids can play together with wooden toys!

Did you hear why we pulled P out of preschool? They had a mini mcdonalds set up in the classroom as a creative play area...

thats America...anorexic dolls and McDonalds creative play areas at school...oxymoron or just moron?

Lisa~~ said...

Nice weekend, love those laid back times.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Love laid back weekends!!! It has been fun catching up on your blog~ I've missed being able to spend time in blog land!

Have a great week,