Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I:

Walked 3 miles  (Brings the total up to 30-woot!)

Made a yummy breakfast.

Took a hot shower.

Caught up on my DVR'd shows. (Love the new show "Parenthood")

Napped for a little while.

Read more from my Thankful book and from a new fiction book I got from a friend.

Wrote something that my husband helped me with that made me realize again what a wonderful teacher and writer he is.

Sat in the hammock swing on our balcony and stared up at the sky,  listening to the wind chimes while swaying gently.

Today was a good day.

Today I am thankful for:

The blooming flowers on the bushes and trees on my walk this morning.  They smelled heavenly.

A day to do nothing.  Not one appointment. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do.

Putting a spin on something negative:  (This is hard!)

My car is falling apart.  Like literally falling apart.  The air conditioning is broken.  The paint is chipping on the outside.  Both the front doors won't unlock anymore(yes, this means I have to get in through the back door and reach around to the front to open the door.  It is a pain).  So many people I know have brand new cars right now.  Shiny new cars where everything works like it should. To say I am envious would be an understatement.

But at last I have a car, right? I mean, some people don't even have a car and they have to take the bus.  At least I don't have to do that.

Did that sound convincing?  No?

I'm working on it okay?

I'm not going to post these here everyday.  I'm keeping an online journal for them but since I've only just started I'll post them here when I feel the urge.

Now I am headed off to work.



Stacey T. said...

Hey, was that the chair you got in Mexico? I wish I had gotten one, but I don't know where I would have hung it!! Is it comfy?

Rhonda said...

That sounds like a fabulous day!

Kayce said...

I can not wait to see what you do today!!! Love the view from your balcony and that you're up to 30 miles. Inspiration is what you are to me today!