Sunday, April 04, 2010

Earthquakes and Easter Eggs

That pretty much sums up our Easter.

Joe and I had no plans for Easter this year.  Easter sometimes feels like one of those "kid holidays"(like Christmas and Halloween), You dress your kids up in pretty clothes, buy them an Easter basket, take pictures with the Easter bunny and take them on Easter egg hunts.

Obviously we can't do any of that.

Joe and I went to Easter services on Saturday night, and planned on just hanging around the house today. We did buy some eggs and dye so we could dye some Easter eggs in the afternoon.

I had just taken the eggs out of the ice water bath and was peeling them at the sink when our apartment  started swaying.

And I mean swaying.  

Like a tree in a strong wind.  

Joe had just walked down the stairs to get in the car to go to the store and I ran out on our entryway and started screaming like a banshee  "Do you feel that, do you feel that?  EARTHQUAKE!!!"

There may have been another word uttered that would be inappropriate to write here.

Hey, I never said I was good under pressure.

I stood in the doorway waiting for it to end.  But it didn't.  The building kept on swaying.  And swaying.  And swaying.

I was so scared I ran down the stairs to be closer to Joe.

You what's not a good idea?  Running down the stairs during an earthquake.  See above statement about not being good under pressure.

And did I mention that when I ran downstairs I left my dog in our apartment to fend for herself?  Nice.  Maybe it's a good thing we don't have children.

We stood on the grass outside and just kept on swaying.

It was scary.

Turns out is was a 7.2 earthquake in Baja, CA(a couple hundred miles south of us).

It lasted about 45 seconds, which is a long time for an earthquake, and felt like much longer.

I was really shaken up.  Ha!

After  my nerves calmed I continued with the dying of the easter eggs and making deviled eggs.  Yum!

Here are some pictures.

Eggs ready to boil
Finished product

Scooped out yolks

Ready to fill.

Deviled eggs.  Yum!

Aside from the swaying, we had a pretty good Easter.  

How about you?


Julie said...

I love deviled eggs. They are just a lot of work, so I don't make them too much. Sorry about the swaying - glad you are okay!

Shannon said...

So glad you are ok! Hope you won't need the practice- but if so you've had a good run through! Deviled eggs used to be so hard to find in CA- they are very popular here in the south though! Yum! Pretty eggs-Ellie and I will do some Tuesday...she doesn't know it's late...right?! =)

Janet said...

We had a very uneventful Easter, compared to you!!!! The eggs look amazing, but the earthquake? YIKES! Glad you're all right!

Kayce said...

Your eggs look great!! And the deviled eggs...YUMMMM!!!!

These earthquakes are driving me nuts! I HATE them and am so scared to be living on the San Andreas fault...ugg!! Oh and Jake wanted me to see 2012 last night...nice! UGG again! Glad you guys are okay and no damage was done.

Cora said...

Oh wow sounds like you had an exciting day. Happy Easter. The eggs look great, that is one thing that we did not do this year. I completely understand holidays are just not the same with out kids.

Take Care.

Journeywoman said...

So glad you're okay.

You might want to look at today, they have a great comic.

Debz said...

I'm so glad your ok.

I'm giggleing at Shannon saying the deviled eggs are hard to find...she wasn't kidding when she said she wasn't great in the kitchen. te he!

2china4S said...

Glad you guys are OK.

Hey you did more than we did and we have a kid home. I made SS's basket before leaving for the hospital, but did not dye eggs. I might follow Shannon's lead and do them later.

Who's to say what to do during an earthquake (except those PSAs)? Know what we do? All the wrong things, we are drawn to the nearest glass windows like moths to light. Then we log in to and add our 2 cents about what we felt (they have a survey). We miss So Cal earthquakes.

One of our best ones happened while we were at the Radisson next to Knott's. The fire alarm went off. They had staff urging people to leave their rooms (thought that was a no no), but we could not get JJ to budge. He said "Let me know what happened when it's over." Typical So Cal boy. P and I were glued to the window, watching the water sway out of the pool. It was quite an experience. I know, we are nerdy freaks. Hopefully it won't rub off on SS.

BTW, if you lived closer, we would have dragged your arse to go egg hunting with SS. There are no rules.

M3 said...

Yikes!! I'm not a big fan of the earthquakes either. They didn't bug me when I was a kid, but now I kind of freak out a little.

Your "Earthquake Eggs" sure look good though! :-)