Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thankful Things

It's times like this when things aren't going exactly the way I wish they would that I need to remember to be thankful.

I'm thankful for movies.  I haven't been able to leave the house all weekend. We've been watching some movies to try and keep us entertained.  So far we have watched "Fatal Attraction" (I will not be ignored, Dan), "Marley and Me" (can you believe I've never seen this?  Totally bawling at the end of this one), "The Day the Earth Stood Still"(Meh.  Joe chose this one).  Today we are going to watch 500 days of Summer".  I heard it was good.

I'm thankful to be feeling a little better today.  The fever and chills are gone.  The hacking cough and the achy muscles remain.  I feel like I've been hit with a baseball bat.

I'm thankful for books.  I go through phases where I either read a lot or not at all.  The last month I have been reading a lot.

I finished the thankful book I talked about in this post.

It has helped me so much.  I wake up everyday thankful for something.  Sometimes it's just that I woke up at all.  I express gratitude to people as much as I can.  The other day I made someone important to me cry because she was so touched by my outpouring of gratitude to her.  It feels good to let other people know how they are impacting your life.  It also helps me put the focus back on the things I have instead of the things I don't.  I'm not saying every day is sunshiny and I never feel negative.  I do.  But I try very hard to steer my negative thinking back to reasons I am lucky.

I also just finished this book and I loved it so much. You know how some books are so good you never want them to end?  That's how this book was for me.

It's called "Eternal on the Water" by Joseph Monninger.  I have never read his books before.  I'm hoping to find some more of his stuff at the library.
P.S. I plan on donating this one to the library so if there is anyone that wants it, drop me an e-mail.  scrappermg(at)

I have also been re-reading "The Lovely Bones".  This is one of my favorite books. I read it while I was on the plane(and bus, train and taxi) in China.  I'm sad that I lost that copy of it because I had written some things in the back of it about my experiences there.

I have been going to bed a half hour early so I can get some good reading in.  That's kind of significant for me because on the nights I don't work I am in bed between 9:15 and 9:45.  That means some nights I am in bed before 9:00!

We have nothing going on today, aside from trying to feel better.

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2china4S said...

Glad that you are feeling better. I had a 12 hour bout of vomiting on Friday, so I can relate. I am still weak, recovery is slow. I like how you are trying to remain positive and thankful. But don't be too hard on yourself, we all have those moments. You are certainly entitled.