Friday, July 09, 2010

Blah and Blue

I'm feeling blah.  I wonder how many times I have written that here?  A lot I bet.  I've also been feeling a little blue.  Part of it has to do with the back injury I sustained a week and a half a go and the fact that I am still in pain.  I am still having to ice it every night.  It's getting old.

Of course because of the back injury it means I can't exercise either.  That in itself puts me in a funk.  Not only do I look forward to the release the walking was giving me, but it is astounding how quickly your body loses it's fitness when you stop exercising.  It's going to take me weeks and weeks to get back up to 4 miles again.

Plus I got a new(used) bicycle and I only got to ride it for two days before I hurt myself and now it is sitting in my living room mocking me. (I can't put it outside.  It's too pretty.  Joe calls it my precious.)

And I have to quit the Dragon Boat team for other medical reasons.  I can't even talk about it.   It makes me cry. I love Dragon Boating.  Love it.  Love love it. I am so sad.  There is a chance I can participate in one race, if I am very careful between now and then.  Last year I raced in 7 races.  But I will be happy with one, if my doctor gives me the o.k.  One is better than none I  suppose.

The other medical reasons are  worrying me and making me anxious.  I suck at not worrying about things I cannot control.

Between the back injury and the other medical issues, I have 6 doctor's appointments next week. Six.  I'm not even sure how I'll have time to schedule my job around that many doctor appointments.

Whine much?  Sheesh.  Sorry.  I'm snapping out of it now.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

whine all you want my friend. You have plenty of reason.

I got a new pretty bike a few years ago too! I keep it on my front porch. She is actually at the bike spa at the moment getting an over haul and some fancy new carrying devices!


Shannon said...

So many disappointments and worries, my friend. Here's to you being filled with hope and that the worrying is needless. I remember your Dragon Boat posts and how much you love them! Participating in one is great and I'm sure you'll be the best "cheerleader" the races have ever seen! Hugs.