Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not a Lotta

Going on, that is.

I snapped out of the blues but am still feeling blah. Thus no posts on this here blog.  I have one word to sum up my summer so far.

Booooorrrrrrring.  I guess boring can be good.  But it's also, well, boring.

We have not one trip planned this summer since we didn't go on our annual camping trip and nothing planned for the near future either.  I hate when I have nothing to look forward to.

Joe and I were talking about my upcoming 40th birthday(which is in exactly 6 months.  I don't want to talk about it).  He asked me if I wanted to do anything special.  I said No.  I want to forget it's happening.  He said he wanted to throw me a party but I laughed.  I don't even have ten friends that would show up if I had a birthday party.  So I told him I would like to go away somewhere, just the two of us.  We started talking about where I would like to go and I got all excited.  About a trip that is 6 months away.  I even started cleaning out my closet to find all my winter clothes.  It's 94 degrees right now.  I really need a life.

Here's another word that sums up my summer: Slow

We're slow at work.  Painfully slow.  Like, I might have to find a new job slow.  I'm so sick of the economy.  Who says it is getting better?  Where?  Not where I live.  I won't even go into how my husband still doesn't have a job.  Because it's boring for you and beyond frustrating for us.

I am slow moving.  My back still hurts.  I have not been cleared to  go  back to exercising yet. It is driving me crazy.  It has been 2 and a half weeks and I am going crazy.  Not exercising puts me in a foul mood.  The other day we went in the pool and I swam some laps and I can't believe how much better I felt.  We are going to continue to get in my exercise that way until I can start walking or biking again.  It has been too hot lately to do much of anything else anyway.

I did go to the fair with DeAnn on Friday, and that was fun.  We had a deep fried Klondike bar.  I was prepared for it to be really gross but oh my gosh it was so yummy.  Seriously yummy.

And Lisa and the kids are coming to visit for a few days next week, so that will be fun too. I know that will keep us crazy busy.  I already have Joe babysitting for a couple of nights so we can go out and have some girl time.  He is so wonderful about that.

Here are a few pictures I took at the Fair, before my camera battery died. (DeAnn took pity on me and gave me one of her old cameras since mine broke at Christmas and I have yet to be able to replace it)

We always have to have these fried potatoes.  The sign says you can buy them at Costco to make them at home. No thank you.  Once a year at the Fair is enough for me(and my stomach).

We always have to have the grilled corn too.  I don't know why these are so good.  I'm sure I could make them at home too but they taste so much better at the Fair.  I think it is the toppings they have there that make them so good.

Here are some of the other fried foods the Fair offered.  We didn't try any of these.

A Krispy Kreme BBQ'd chicken sandwich? thanks

This poor pig was due to give birth in 2 days.  She looked terribly uncomfortable.  I can't wait to go back and see if she had her piglets yet.  I'm a sucker for baby animals(and yes I do know what happens to them.  It's called denial and I am good at it.  :)

Ginormous sunflowers

The aforementioned deep fried Klondike Bar.  Dee-Lish.


Stacey T. said...

Oh my gosh, the fair looks AMAZING!! The zucchini weenie looks good (except is that a hot dog STUFFED inside of a zucchin?). A fried avocado sounds just well, gross. The potatoes look awesome and so does the Klondike bar!!) I'm so hungry (damn weight watchers, ahhaa) after reading your post!!

I think we should do another short cruise to celebrate birthdays, this time out of LA so your friends can come to the right cruise!!!

M3 said...

Ah the fair brings back such good memories from when I was a kid. Used to show dairy goats and dairy cows there when I was in 4-H. Seriously. :-)

We're back in town for a couple of weeks and Casa Salsa is open for visitors if you want a No Cal getaway. Did you get my email? I suck at keeping my contacts up to date -- hope I sent it to the right addy.

Kayce said...

I'm coming down in a matter of days! I am soooo excited! :) I love the fair and all the good yummmmmmy food that comes along with it! Let's talk sooooon!

2china4S said...

Was that the OC fair? I have not been to one in so long. My guilty pleasure was delicious fried, sweet buns. Would love for SS to try them because the Puerto Rican in her loves bread.

The clothes comment you left cracked me up. So glad I was not drinking anything at the time.

Sherri said...

Great pictures...looks like a lot of fun at the fair.

I know what you mean about things being slow. My husband just went back to work today after a 2 week vacation that was very much needed around here and it's still slow. I'm so with you on this damn economy...i'm so sick of it and I can't stand to even watch the news anymore. Where do these people even get their info?
I just started back on my walks this morning, I missed my walks - so I did 3 miles and now it's time for wii fit.

I hope things get better for you, us and everyone else who's hurting. If only things would get better.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Well, if I lived close I would come to your party! But, seriously I think time away with Joe would be much better anyway!

Michelle, I wish things could be better for you as this long patch of really, really bad luck has lasted long enough.

Much love to you my friend.


PS. I love the music, very fitting!