Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon Boat Festival, Day One

Day one of this year's Dragon Boat Races is behind us.  It is so nice sharing the experience with Joe this year.  In year's past he was there as my cheerleader but didn't have anything to do with the actual races.  We ended up not racing together, as I only raced in one race today.  I was supposed to do two but was feeling poorly so I pulled out of my last race.  No we are home and I am sore and sun burnt and contemplating an early bed time.  Round two tomorrow.

Women's race.  My only race of the day.

Drum leading the Chinese Dragons.  Sadly most of my pictures of them came out blurry.

Th crowd cheering the races on


2china4S said...

It looks like a lot of fun, wish we could be there. Make sure to reapply sunscreen often today. Took lots of pics at the wedding just for you.

M3 said...

Oh I always love to see your Dragon Boat pictures! Great event. Sorry you weren't feeling well and couldn't do more races today.

Michelle said...
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