Monday, November 22, 2010

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  It was supposed to rain all day, but of course it didn't. It was cold and cloudy but no rain.  Joe and I hung around the house all morning and I made chocolate chip cookies.  Later in the afternoon we went on a bike ride to our favorite trail.

You know how they say that you never forget how to ride a bike?  Well apparently that doesn't apply to me.  I have a hard time on my bike.  My balance isn't very good.  I wobble a lot.  I can't ride in a straight line very well and if I am trying to maneuver around something(like a tree, or a bench, or a person) sometimes I panic and just take my feet off of the pedals completely.  Not the best plan.  I don't know what happened to me because I used to be quite a good rider.  You know, 30 years ago, when I used to ride a bike.  I have been practicing quite a bit but I still do better in large open spaces.  Being around people makes me nervous.  I think it's partly because my bike doesn't have hand brakes.  Joe's brother fixes bikes for a living so we are going to ask him if he will put them on my bike for my Christmas present this year.  We'll see if I improve after that.

We are so lucky to have this trail near our house.  It's one mile away so we can ride there and back.  The trail itself is 1 and a half miles each way and we rode the whole thing so it was a total of 5 miles. My legs were tired!

Here are some pictures of our ride.

I really wanted to make a video while I was riding, like a helmet cam.  Problem is, as I said before, I'm not that great of a rider.  Joe warned me not to do it but I didn't listen.  Things started out O.K., but only went downhill(literally) after that.  Here's where it started out O.K.

Here's where it starts to go wrong:


M3 said...

Gorgeous!!! (That helmet-cam-gone-wrong cracked me up)

Lisa and Tate said...

What a great riding trail! The video was a scream...

I'm loving your banners! You are a talented gal.


Brenda said...

Beautiful trail, Michelle. I'm glad you are feeling so much better.