Sunday, November 28, 2010


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

There was cheese. { I heart cheese.}

There was football

There was Monopoly playing

I'm not sure what was going on here.  I think she was gloating after beating her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Joe at said Monopoly game.
There was lounging around

There was fun at the playground

There was monkeying around
There was delicious food.

There were stunning views on the trip home(and no more flat tires-yay).

There was much to be thankful for.


Shannon said...

A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Picture of you and hubs is gorgeous! =)

Julie said...

Yes, a great photo of you and the hubs. Glad it was a great weekend. Tess is in good company, she loves cheese too.

Cora said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

dawn said...

You take the best photos, by that I mean you always look so great in your pictures.
So glad your Thanksgivng was wonderful