Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All You Need is Love

When you make craft items, you are often looking a month or more ahead at the holidays coming up.  I made this banner right after New Year's.

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day.  Not so much because it is considered a romantic holiday, or even because it's our anniversary.  Actually most of  the time I wish we had gotten married on a different day, since Valentine's Day is so hectic.

I just love the hearts.  I love the colors. Red, and white, pink and purple.  I love lace doilies.  I love the giving of Valentine's.

I know a lot of people who don't like Valentine's day.  I can totally understand that.  I'm guessing Valentine's Day is for them like Mother's Day is for me. I loathe Mother's Day. If I could go to bed and hide under the covers until it was over I would.

But I really like Valentine's Day.

I don't usually make things for myself.  I love making things for other people and often I am so busy doing that I don't have time to make myself one too.

Not this time.  I made this baby just for me.

I heart this banner.  I love the paper.  It makes me happy.  I love the glittery letters.  I love the ribbons and tulle that I hand tied on to it.

Sorry for the crappy pic.  Still don't have my camera charger.

It is hanging above our t.v. right now so I can look at it all the time(yes I know Valentine's Day is still over a month away.  I don't care. The house looks so bare without the Christmas decorations).

Here is a closer look at the background paper I used:

Look at the animals on this paper.  So cute!!  I bought this paper at the scrapbook expo back in the fall, with dreams of all the cute things I would make with it when Valentine's Day came around.   Now that day has come.  I'm planning on making some cute cards with it too. It's called "Alphabet Soup".  How cute is that?

Love it.

I made a really cool Chinese New Year banner too but it's too long to take a picture of with my cell phone.

It's a shame too, because it's really cute.  (If I do say so myself).

 Modesty.  It's one of my endearing traits.  :)


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

pardon the pun, but I LOVE it!


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

Valentimes is my fave, too!!!!!