Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 52

Every year at the first of the year I have attempted to do Project 365, which is taking a picture every day for a year.  Every year I make it about 2 weeks and forget to take a picture and feel like a failure and I quit.

I love the idea of taking a picture every day for a year.  I really do.  But it's not for me.

Problem is, I am forgetful. I forget to take my camera with me when I leave in the morning, or I forget to take  a picture at all that day. I had even be known to "fake" a day or two, by posting a picture for a certain day that I actually took another day(gasp!).   I am an all-or-nothing person, so the first time I missed a day of the project 365, I threw in the towel.

Project 52 is the same idea, but you take a picture once a week instead of every day.  I can do that. I mean, I think I can.

The other reason I decided Project 365 wasn't for me, is that I don't have a nice camera.  I had to get over the idea that this project is only for photographers.  People who have nice cameras and take awesome pictures.

I had to look at it more of a documentation type of project.  Simply documenting your year, one week at a time.  When I did my year in review post, I realized that I did a good job of taking a picture once a month.

Now to see if I can do it once a week.

Never mind the fact that I left my camera charger at my sees-ters house at Christmas so my camera is dead.

Sees-ter?  Can you please send me my camera charger?  

I have been using the camera on my old Iphone for now.  Not the best quality, but it works.

So here's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to try and take at least one picture a week.  Some weeks I will take more.  Probably others I will take less.  But I will try to take at least one per week.

I will post them all here, just so I have a place to keep them but I may not post every week.  We'll see.

So here are two pictures I took over the first 10 days of January.

January 2nd.  A friend asked me to make a Tet banner.  It was fun to make.

Taken January 4th. I guess technically this picture wasn't taken by me.
  But this is about documentation, right?

Taken January 5th

Mountains near my work, January 6th.
This is the view from my desk. Awesome, No?

That's all  I have for last week.  Can't wait to see what this week brings!


M3 said...

I think that's a great ideal!

I was thinking about doing the MCP Actions Project 52 (but notice that I haven't done one single thing yet, sigh.......)

Laura said...

I like the idea. Problem is, I keep losing my camera or whenever I need it, it's lost it's charge. I think your camera takes wonderful pictures. Love the view from your desk! Good luck with the project. It is a nice documentation of what you've done for the year.

D and S said...

I love this idea! Good luck!

Coley said...

Thank you for reminding me!! I posted today after making it a resolution that I would do it! I was almost a liar!