Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 52 weeks 2 and 3

My friend Coley, who has also been doing this project, has been assigning themes to her weekly pictures.  At first this was intimidating for me, as I wasn't sure I would have pictures to go along with said themes. But then I found myself trying to take pictures to go along with the theme and it made me get my camera out more so I decided I liked that idea.  So I may or may not do themes every week.  Depends on my mood.  :)

Week 2: Food
My husband's home made Spanish rice.

For the first 16 years that we were married I did all of the cooking.  If I wasn't feeling well(which was a lot, when I had my uterus and Stage IV Endometriosis) we would fall back on frozen pizza or chili dogs for dinner.

Those were the two dishes my husband knew how to make.  When he lost his job I turned over the cooking tasks to him.  No way was I going to go to work every day and come home and cook dinner when he had been home all day. Same with the household chores.  If he was going to be home, he was going to do them.  I haven't done laundry in 2 years!

 But there were only so many frozen pizzas and chili dogs we could handle.  So he started to look online how to cook different things and he taught himself how to cook!  At first it was kind of hit or miss.  But soon he got the hang of it and started cooking some seriously yummy stuff!

This is one of my favorite dishes that he cooks.  We have it either with burritos or soft tacos.  It is sooooooooooo good.  Whenever I ask him what's for dinner and he says "burritos" I get excited because I know we are having some yummy spanish rice with it.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now he has a whole repertoire of delicious items that he cooks. It rocks.

Week 3:  Friends

This is my dog Gizmo.  This is her little friend(say hello to my lee-tle friend).  
We call him "Bubbie".  Or sometimes "Hedgie".
Our dog is not nice.  She barks at people.  She has even been known to bite them.  She is small and she is convinced everyone in the world is out to hurt her(even though to our knowledge she has never been hurt by anyone).  

There are 4 people on this earth that Gizmo likes.  Her mommy, her daddy, my sees-ter and my Dad.
 Everyone else better watch out.

But she loves her Bubbie. She carries him everywhere.  She sleeps with him.  She throws him in the air and catches him.  She lays on her blanket with him and watches t.v.  He is on the very short list of things that she likes.   He is her friend.
Gizmo and her Bubbie.

It took me forever to get that shot above.  Here are some of the outtakes:

Look at me!  I'm tough!  You better watch out!

What was that????  Did you hear that noise?  I think someone outside is trying to get me!
YAWN.  This is really boring. Are we done yet?

Why are you using your loud voice?  
I'm trying to  do what you asked, 
even though I don't 
understand what exactly it is that you want!
 You don't have to get mad!

Daddy, can you help me?  Mommy is using her loud voice.

How's this?  Aren't I being a good girl?  
I'm sitting here real still and quiet with my Bubbie, 
just like you asked me to.

Can we please be done now?  This whole thing is making me tired.

Silly dog.

And here is one more picture for the theme "Friends".  Joe and I went to this bird store the other day and these two birds(parrots?  not sure) were sharing their afternoon snack.  So cute!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

that dog and his "Buddha" is so cute!

Love, love, love, the new look! How did you do it?


2china4S said...

The rice looks yummy, care to share the recipe? When P moved in his specialty was charring mammal flesh and salads. Within a year he was kicking butt in the kitchen, and now does better than I with dishes I taught him to make. Glad that Joe got his chef on and rocks the kitchen.

~Kristen said...

Holy cow!!! those "out-takes" had me laughing out loud! LOVE it!

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

If your dog disappears, do not look at my house. I am not incredibly in love with your doggie and would never just go steal your dog bc she is SO CUTE I MUST MUST MUST have her :)