Saturday, January 01, 2011

Year in Review

2010 started out pretty good.

My sister took me on a cruise for my 39th birthday

Joe and I made a road trip to Northern CA to attend my good friend's baby shower, 
and then later in the month she met her beautiful daughter.  I haven't been that happy for someone's referral since Gracie's.

February we celebrated 17 years of marriage.  

We also enjoyed watching the Olympics every minute that we could.  It brought back lots of good memories from our trip a couple of years prior to Vancouver.  Love that city.
I also started a regular walking regime and started losing some weight.  I wish I could get back into that routine but a back injury I sustained in the summer has kept me from starting  up again.

In March I continued my walking and Joe and I explored new trails.
I also made a concerted effort to be more thankful for the things I had.  
This book really helped me with that.

It rained. A lot.  It didn't stop us from walking though.

In April I was sick a lot.  I cut my hair.  
There was a pretty sizable earthquake on Easter Sunday.

The rest of April and most of May were one of the hardest times of my life 
and I can't share them here so I'm just going to skip right to June.

 In June Dragon Boat practice started and I started to finally enjoy things again.
 Joe joined with me and it was so fun to share that experience with him.
My photographer friend DeAnn took some awesome pictures of us. 
I have several them framed in our apartment.
I made a lot of handmade stuff and tried very hard to overcome
 the stuff that had happened the previous two months. 

In July Lisa came to visit later in the month and we did more stuff in one week 
than I did in the entire summer combined.  Good times.

August  brought the Dragon Boat races and we placed 2nd in one of our races.  I didn't get to participate in as many races as I would have like due to doctor's orders, but as always we had the best time.
In September we lost our beloved Kitty.  I still miss her.  Not a day goes by that I don't pull up in front of our apartment and look to see if she is there waiting for us.

In October Joe celebrated another birthday.  We also passed 48 months of waiting for our baby from China and realized we would have to pull our paperwork if Joe's job situation didn't change in the next 6 months.  I am not hopeful that we will be able to continue on with this adoption but we agreed to wait a few more months before officially pulling out.  That's a loss that I haven't really started to grieve for yet.

In November Joe and I got into enjoying riding our bikes a lot.  Lisa and I went on a girl's weekend to attend the Scrapbook Expo and we met up with some good friends.  So much fun!
M3, Kayce, my seest-er and Stacey

We spent Thanksgiving in S.F., as has become tradition

I made a bunch of banners last year and was surprised to 
find that people actually wanted to pay money for them.    You can check them out HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  The name banners were my favorites to make.  I love working with the different themes and imagining them hanging in the child's rooms that I made them for.

December we had a wonderful Christmas in S.F. again, and thus finished out the year 2010 for us.

One of the main reasons I keep this blog going is that it is a journal of our lives every year(no matter how boring that may be).  It is nice to be able to go back and look at what we were up to throughout the year. I wouldn't have remembered half the stuff we did otherwise.

2010 was not good to us.  I have seen over and over again on FB that it was hard for other people too, and they are glad it is over.  I feel the same. Honestly, the last 2 years have been very difficult for us, but last year was probably one of the hardest I have ever had personally. 
 I hope that this year brings better things for us.  I pray every day that this year will bring a job for Joe. It's the only thing I wish for anymore.  

I hope this year brings health and happiness to everyone out there reading.

Happy New Year!


Brenda said...

Happy New Year, Michelle. May you get your wish for Joe. You are so talented, I hope that your banners sell like crazy. May God watch over you. :-) Brenda

Kayce said...

Love this post Michelle! Happy New Year to you and to Joe! I pray that 2011 brings much joy and closure to the job search for Joe and a regular paycheck coming in! Having you at my shower was a highlight of my year!! I'm so blessed to call you a friend! Can't wait to see you in 2011!

D and S said...

Wishing you all the best in 2011! Hope this is the year for you.

Stacey T. said...

Happy New Year Michelle and Joe!!! Wishing 2011 is as much fun (and easier) for you!!!

I'm in a lot of those pictures, good times!!! Maybe we're triplets! haha!

Coley said...

I hope 2011 is the best year you guys have seen in decades! I can't wait to see the beautiful banner you guys made for our family! Set up an etsy page and I'll link to it!! You've got lots of people in your corner, cheering you on!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wishing you all the best in 2011! It was nice to play catch-up with your year's highs and, unfortunately, the lows. We had a really hard 2008, and I remember breathing a huge sigh of relief when 2009, and then 2010 came. I pray y'all experience the same. Cheering for you this year - may all good things happen!

Jonni said...


I am sending good wishes for a job for Joe and a happy 2011 for you. I just know he is going to receive good news soon. I am so sorry for the losses you have had to deal with this past year but want you to know that I appreciate you and you are an amazing person. Maybe one of these days we will get a chance to meet. Thank you you again for the wonderful plaques you made for Sofia and Samantha. I look at the every day. :)