Monday, February 27, 2012

Best Vacation Ever

Sorry to leave you all hanging on the last post.  Obviously it was a cruise that I was going on, and I'm back.  A seven day cruise to Mexico, to be exact.

I had the best time.  A fabulous time.  In fact, I would say it was the best vacation ever, except I probably shouldn't say that about a vacation in which Joe didn't get to go with me.

Because he didn't.

That's right.  I celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary by going on a cruise.

Without my husband.

Lisa and the kids had planned a seven day cruise to Mexico over the kid's President's week break(we never got a week off at Pres Day when I was a kid!?). She had an extra spot in her cabin and asked me to go along.

Ummmm.......yes please!  I wish Joe could have gone with us.  I missed him.

But I still had a wonderful time.

I may have to break this up over several posts, as I took over 400 pictures.  I promise to pare it down.  A little bit.  :)

Our ship was the Carnival Splendor.

Yes, the same ship/same trip that this happened:

22 Cruise Ship Passengers Robbed in Mexico

If I had known that I may have felt a little more uneasy about trekking an hour and a half into the jungle to go ziplining in Puerta Vallarta.  Scary!

Thankfully no one was hurt, and our shore excursions were safe.

We spent the night in Long Beach before setting sail last Sunday.

View from our room:

Nail color for the trip:  Turqouise and Caicos(love Essie nail polish)

We walked around Shoreline village and had breakfast before boarding the ship

Cheese head


Our cabin.  I should have taken the picture before we messed it up.

View from door

View from window

Adults only pool. I got to spend a few hours here while the kids were at Kid's Club. 
 As you can see,  It was a full ship.

Our first towel animal.  If you remember my last cruise, I LOVE the towel animals!  
Highlight of my day.  :)

Relaxing before breakfast and enjoying the view

Water slide.  I never got a chance to try it.

Beautiful day at sea

Mini golf course

Pool/deck area.  They showed movies on the big screen at night

Main pool

Casino.  Didn't go here at all. It reeked of smoke.  Blech.

A girl and her towel animal

View from glass elevator


Hot tub overlooking the ocean

I love cruising.  There is so much to do and it's so convenient to have everything right there.

We were at sea Sunday and Monday, and then our first port was Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday.  My next post will cover that.

Re-entry into reality is hard after a vacation!


Shannon said...

LOVE cruising! So glad you had a wonderful time!

M3 said...

Looks so fun!! Can't wait to hear (see) more.

Ok, and of course I have to comment on the nail polish -- your color is awesome. I must have it.


Julie said...

Wow, looks amazing! I have only been on RC cruises. I like the room layout here with the bunk beds - I think my kids would love that.

2china4S said...

Michelle, so happy that you could go on that cruise. You deserve to take a load off more than anyone I know. How come you did not try the slide?