Sunday, February 05, 2012

Night Out on the Town

O.K., not really on the town, but out.

On a Saturday night, which is not something we do often.

We had the opportunity to pick up some tickets to a broadway show at our local theater for cheap last week.

It was a musical, which I LOVE.  Last time we were there we saw Mary Poppins.  It was fantastic.

This time it was to see a musical set to the songs of Frank Sinatra.

It's called Come Fly Away.

I love, love, love Frank Sinatra.  I know most of his songs by heart.

Pair that up with dance numbers to go along with each song, and I am in heaven.

It was such a good show.

I didn't take too many pics but here's a few.

Ready to go.  I was a little worried about wearing jeans.  Some people take their theater very seriously. It turned out fine though. I'd say it was about 50/50 w/people in jeans and those in formal wear, which would have been fun if I had anything like that to wear.  The jeans people were sitting in the nosebleed section with the rest of us that snagged the $10 tickets.  ;)

I suppose we could have gone down a little closer to the stage to take this picture. LOL.

This picture turned out really cool.  I love my new camera.  We hope to be able to go there one day too. It's the concert hall.  They had something going on that night. People were dressed up very fancy.  Not a lot of jeans there.  ;)

Slightly blurry.  I meant to turn off the twilight mode for this pic

Oh by the way, if you are wondering how we are able to afford all of these broadway shows, it's because the Segerstrom Center for the Arts is offerring a program this year that they are calling "Access for All".

Basically for some of their shows they put up for sale a certain number of tickets at $10 a piece.  The goal being that they want to provide the opportunity for people of all income levels to see a live performance.

That's how we got our tickets.  You have to be quick, as they sell out quickly but if you can get through on the phone(we have had better luck that way than online), they are fairly easy to get.

Saturday night's outing cost us $24.00(with service fee).  We ate at home first so that was it.  Twenty-four bucks!  Can't beat that.

You can sign up for their text alerts and then they will send notifications right to your phone when the access for all tickets will be going on sale.  Pretty handy for someone like me who can't remember anything.

It was a great night.

P.S. only 13 days until my trip.  I Can.  Not.  Wait.  I'll tell you what it is soon.  :)

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Alyson and Ford said...

We would love a night out alone! What a great time, we love musicals too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy