Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Three and Four: Cabo San Lucas

Tuesday we stopped in Cabo San Lucas.   The boat doesn't actually go ashore in Cabo.  We had  to take a smaller boat to take us to the dock where they dropped us off.

I was so excited to get off of the ship and explore.  We shopped at the flea market and had lunch.

Cameron bought this wrestler's mask.  I think it suits Lisa pretty well.  ;)

Grace had to have this fan and dress

Soon we were off on a tour in a glass bottom boat.

Our ride

The fish came right up to the glass.  They were so pretty.

Lover's Beach.  The other side of the beach is called Divorce Beach.  No joke.  When Grace found out we were going to go snorkeling there the next day she said "Are we going to snorkel with the divorced fish?"  Haha.

El Arco

Do you see the face in the rock?

Lisa and the kids rode a wave runner.  The ocean was a bit rough that day and I  opted out of this activity.  I'm actually not that great of a swimmer and the thought of zipping around the middle of the ocean kind of freaked me out a bit.

Lisa and the kids had a blast.

I can't believe they let Grace drive.

I chose to stay on the beach and soak up some rays.  I also swam a little bit in the ocean.  The water is such a beautiful shade of turquoise.  It was cold though!

This picture scares the crap out of me. Can we just lock her up until she is 30???

The next day we went whale watching and snorkeling.  We saw quite a few whales but I didn't get any pictures of them. Lisa has some pretty good ones.


We jumped off the front of the Catamaran. It was pretty cool.  Like I said though, the water was cold!  You had to just go for it and try not to think about it.  It was fine once you were in.

Cameron chose to ease into it rather than jump. That only prolongs the anticipation of the coldness.
 I jumped soon after he went in.

  Afterwards Lisa said she didn't realize that snorkeling was such a workout.  It wasn't until after we looked at these pictures that we saw that she had Grace on her back the whole time.  Heh.

The fish were so beautiful!  And there were so many of them!  Lisa had her underwater camera and she got some good shots.  I'll have to bug her to send me some.  It was awesome.

I loved Cabo San Lucas!

Next up:  Puerta Vallarta, and the most amazing adventure I have ever had!

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dawn said...

I want to go now!
Love ALL the pictures. Doesn't seem right, the water being cold in Mexico.