Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Our Anniversary was lovely.

Joe got me some Tulips.  He knows they are one of my favorites and I  had them in my wedding bouquet.

I made him dinner and set a romantic background. Yes, we eat at our coffee table.  Don't judge me.

He also got me a little something sparkly.

It's beautiful!

I love it.  He got some major points with that.  

And now there are only three days until my big trip.  I am beyond excited!  This week is dragging by.

C'mon Saturday!  Get here already!

Here is a little clue as to what my trip will be:

If you are a lot younger than me then you might now know who this is. If that's the case, just keep it to yourself. I already feel old enough as it is.  :)

3 more days!

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Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my gosh how beautiful! you two are such a sweet couple.

Love to you.