Saturday, April 21, 2012


Backtracking again, trying to catch up.  Story of my life.

Easter already seems like so far gone, but this has been  sitting as a draft for a few weeks now so I may as well work backwards and try to get caught up on the last month.

Easter this year was quiet.  Actually every Easter for the last few years has been quiet, so this year the tradition was upheld.

The weekend itself was beautiful weather-wise.  Sunny, highs in the mid seventies.  Lovely.  Too bad most of Saturday I spent in bed with a horrible migraine.  I am so over them.  I have been having one on and off for two and a half weeks now.  I already went and had some injections for them a week or so ago.  They usually just up and leave on their own.  I just with this one would do so, and now.

I decided to surprise Joe and take him out for Easter brunch.  It has been years since we went out for brunch on Easter.  *Years*.  In fact I couldn't even tell you when the last time we did.  At least five or six years.

Anyway, I wanted to take Joe out, and I wanted it to be special, so I made reservations at the El Torito Grill, in Irvine.  It used to be his favorite restaurant. Well, I suppose it still is, but we don't go out to eat anymore so we don't really have any favorite restaurants right now.

We had reservations kind of early, as I waited a little too long to make them and they were booked for later in the day.  No matter, we just got up a little earlier than planned and made our way to the restaurant.

I was extraordinarily excited about this breakfast.  First, because we rarely go out, and secondly, because I have been very stringent on the weight loss program I have been on(22 lbs. lost!) and I planned on splurging a little bit.  In other words, I wasn't planning on counting points for that meal  :)

We arrived there on time and waited a few minutes for our table.  As soon as they sat us, I knew things weren't going to go well.

They sat us outside on the patio(which was fine), but it was obvious they just stuck a table there to sit two warm bodies at, as it was kind of against a wall in a walkway.  The rest of the patio was large parties.  Our table was dirty.  There was bird poop on Joe's chair(he freaked). No tablecloth, and under a heater, which made it approximately nine thousand degrees outside.

Long story short, we asked to be moved to another table.

It took about 15 more minutes for them to find another table for us. During that time we were not offered anything to drink, not even water, and I was starving at this point.

They finally did move us to another table inside(25 minutes later) and once we moved the waitress was great.  The food was delicious and it ended up being a nice time.  I just hate that the beginning of the meal took some of the fun out of it, especially since we don't get to do it very often.

I suppose the part that bothers me the most is that I feel like they didn't treat us well(and sat us at an undesirable table) because there was only two of us, and not a whole big party.

Note to El Torito Grill:  Parties of two are just as important as parties of 12.  Please keep that in mind!

I didn't call and complain.  I probably should have, but I don't think it would have made a difference and we did end up staying and enjoying our brunch so not all was lost.  It was just a little disappointing.

The rest of the day was lazy. I tried to sleep off my migraine from the day before and we watched a couple of movies.  Overall it was a nice day.  I took a few pictures with my cell phone because I can't fine my cell phone charger(I KNOW!  I take disorganization to a whole new level.  I put it somewhere where I wouldn't lose it but I can't remember where that was.  LOL)

There's this neat sculpture garden across the way from the restaurant.

This little guy was the only duck in the pond.  When he saw us he made a beeline towards us hoping for some food.  He was a little disappointed that we weren't able to accomodate him.

Easter Egg coloring was a huge disaster this year.  I tried to do this cool method I saw on Pinterest but it didn't work out at all.  At least the deviled eggs that came from them tasted good!
Aren't they pretty?

 Yeah, it was a nice idea in theory.  I didn't have any containers so the eggs could stand upright, which seems like you would need in order to get the graduated colors.  Part of the problem was the website they came from was in German and when I used the translator feature on my browser, something got lost in the translation(ha!) and the instructions were terrible.

They didn't turn out pretty at all.

Joe got me this owl for Easter.  I love him.  I have named him Hooter.  Joe wanted a more dignified name but I like it!  :)

Overall it was a nice Easter.  I can't believe it has come and gone already. Before you know it, it will be summer!

Next up I'll post about FINALLY getting to meet a very special friend, that I have know for five years but never met in person!

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