Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy Birthday to me

Well, and to my Sees-ter too, seeing as though it's her birthday too.  (Still singing the Beatles song every chance I got his weekend.  It never gets old).

So it's my birthday.  The big 4  3.  

I don't always love my birthdays.  Thirty five was a tough one for me.  We had been trying to get pregnant for a long time and it wasn't happening and I was sad.  

Forty wasn't great either.  We had been waiting on our adoption for four years and had just found out it was probably over and I was, well, sad.  

Last year I had strep throat on my birthday(and my husband and I were separated).  I was yet again sad. 

Are you sensing a theme here? I've had a lot of sadness over the years associated with birthdays.  Actually, in my life in general.   

But this year?   

I'm not sad.  In fact I am extremely happy. I've spent too many birthdays being sad.  I'm not going to do that anymore.  

I'm going to celebrate the fact that I turned another year older.  Birthdays are a gift denied to many.  

The celebrations started Friday at work. 

The girls at my work(especially my boss) made Friday such a great day.  Cake, balloons, presents. Joe even brought me flowers, even though my birthday wasn't until today.  So sweet.  

My boss got me this fabulous headband(why yes I did wear it all day long.  Why do you ask?  Lol). 

Love my job and the girls I work with!

I got some really wonderful gifts this year too.  

We went to Ikea on Wednesday to pick up one of them.   

I'm going to start keeping a scrapbook again.  Living in such a small space I don't have the room to craft like I want to.  I got this cute little cart to hold all of my scrapbook stuff.  I love it! Joe put it together for me. 

Here it is with most of my stuff in it.  

It's so cute and it fits perfectly in the corner of my room.  Love!

I also got some project life scrapbooking supplies to help me get started.  

We found this cute apothecary  jar at the grocery store for 75% off and I claimed it as one of my birthday gifts too. 

The person in the floral department said it was on sale because it was Christmas themed but it looks kind of valentine-ish to me.  It's filled with pink confetti and little rose soaps.  I think they may have made a mistake on that one.  

It's so cute!

My sees-ter got me some lovely things too, and she says that two more are still coming!  

I got this cute little purse and cool bracelet, with some lip gloss and a fun twirly scarf. 

Yesterday I had lunch with my dad. 

Today I went horseback riding with a friend, and dinner and cake later.  

Such a pretty cake we chose too. 
My sister made these trays for us to give out as Christmas gifts and I liked them so much I kept one. 

I celebrated for three whole days and it was awesome. 

Best.  Birthday.  Ever.  

Life is good.  I am blessed beyond belief.  

43 is going to be a great year. 

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