Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Over it.

I'm over it again, but in a good way.  I'm out of my funk.   It passed pretty quickly.  Turns out all I needed was a weekend..funny how that can do wonders for you.   

And what a great weekend it was.  Had a great ride on Saturday with my friend. Having two horses to ride rocks!  I was having to ride alone before.   Then she and her husband invited us to stay for dinner and we had a wonderful time.   

Sunday it was football, football, football.   One of our teams didn't win but they were still good games.  I only watch football two times a year.  The championships and the Super Bowl.  

I also got a lot of crafting done.  I've been making some cute little heart banners for some of the littles in my life. Can't wait to send them out. 

I also got completely caught up on my project life books.  What's that, you ask?  It's just a form of scrapbooking that is very popular right now.  It's so quick and easy and I'm loving it.   It's been five years since I got my pictures off of the computer and into a scrapbook. I'm having fun with it.  

I scrapped all of the holidays so far.  The idea is actually to keep a running scrapbook and do pages for each week of the year.  I don't know if I can commit to that for a whole year but I finished the first three weeks on Sunday so I'm off to a good start.  I'm using all of my instagram photos and using the iphone printer my seester got me for Christmas.  If I need to print more than a few I print them directly from my phone to walgreens.  Easy!

I'm using a mini book for my weekly pages and a larger book for everything else.  I'm not sure I could fill a large page with the mundane activities of my every day life.  Heck, filling a small book is a stretch.   I'm don't live that interesting of a life.   

Today I was not feeling well physically and had to leave work early.  I hate that.  I've been having a lot of stomach troubles lately.  It may be time to see another gastroenterologist.    Tonight's dinner consisted of chicken broth and saltines.  Thankfully I am feeling much better.   That was awful. 

I've been looking into something exciting but I'm afraid to post about it here because I don't want to jinx if and if it doesn't happen I'll be disappointed. 

 Well, I'll be disappointed regardless.  I try not to think too much about things until I know enough details about something to get excited, but more often than not I start thinking about how great things would be if they worked out a certain way. I do tend to get ahead of myself at times.  

We will see.  

 I'm being very cryptic. I know.  Sorry.   

Hopefully I'll know more in a couple of days.  

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