Thursday, January 16, 2014

Over it

I'm just not feeling it this week.  And by "it", I mean everything.  

I'm over this dry, windy weather and the Santa Ana winds.  I feel like I'm going to shrivel up I'm so dry.  Thank goodness I work at a place that has unlimited lotion.  Lol. 

I'm over people being jerks because they have to give us their insurance card because it's a new year(really?)

I'm over the stress of my job and how they keep piling stuff on us even though we are overloaded already.  Thank god for my awesome co-workers.  They make it bearable.  

I'm over the amount of protein in my urine and the effect of that on my kidney disease.  

I'm over not being able to fall asleep and how tired I'm going to be tomorrow because of it.  

I'm over people who only care about "business" with no regard to human compassion.  

I'm over the place that I'm living in.  I'm ready to move on but can't get there quite yet.  

I'm in a funk and I hate it because I have been feeling so good lately. 


Everyone has bad days and I know this will pass.  Maybe I just needed to get it out.  

Tomorrow is Friday and we get off early on Fridays.  What's  not to be happy about that?  

Yay for early Fridays.

And drug reps that bring us Jamba Juice. 

And weekends.  

And beautiful weather.  

And horseback rides with friends.  

Hopefully all I need is the weekend to recharge and I'll be back to my happy self on Monday.  

1 comment:

dawn said...

May your weekend recharge your soul.
Don't beat yourself up for feeling beaten up, you are human.