Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Marginally Better

My  back is only marginally better. I can stand almost upright now.  The funny thing is, now it hurts in different places in addition to the place it hurt yesterday. I'm pretty sure it is from the hunching over I did all day yesterday, and now those muscles are sore.  Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately Ibuprofin or Mortin are out for me because of the kidney disease, so I have to stick with Tylenol and heat packs for now.  My doctor will absolutely not allow me any of those particular pain killers. At. All. He says they are basically poison for my already damaged kidneys. And he's the doctor, so you know, I kind of have to listen to him.  I'm going to try out the hot tub at our complex tonight, as I took a bath last night and it seemed to help quite a bit. I'm also going to take Lisa's suggestion and consume copious amounts of chocolate.  That will help for sure. Thanks Lisa!  

Kristen had a question about one of the pictures in my slide show.  On Sunday we were sitting on the beach soaking up the sun when we see this couple come walking down the beach with a pack of dogs.  Yes, a pack.  I tried to count them, but they were crazily a running all over, getting their leashes all tangled up and I kept counting the same ones over again. At one point he let their leashes fall and it was pandemonium!  They were scrambling all over the place, chasing each other and playing. It was so cute!  I managed to count about eleven of them, most of them chihuahuas, with a couple of other types of small dogs mixed in.  I never did get to ask him is he was a dog walker or if they all belonged to them.  It was funny.  I just had some breakfast and now I'm back to laying on the couch. Thank goodness for my day off.  I heart my job.


Lisa and Tate said...

Sorry you can't take ibuprofen.... but the hot tub and CHOCOLATE should help!!! Hope you feel better soon.


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

OMGOSH I can not imagine making it through a day without Motrin.