Wednesday, March 26, 2008

17 months

I was gonna do a Wordless Wednesday Post, but then I realized that today is our 17th "LID"-aversary, and I couldn't do that without words, because "month" is a word. I kind of suck at the wordless Wednesdays thing. Anyway, 17 months today. Wow. They really are flying by these last few months. Let's see how I feel when I have to type a number in the fifties, which could totally happen. I doubt I'll be in my happy place then. If I did have to choose a photo to sum up our day, this would be it:

You can probably guess what we did today. We owe almost a thousand dollars in State taxes. Ugh. But we're getting back some from Federal, plus the tax rebate, which we totally qualify for, so it's all relative I guess. I'm just glad it's done. As soon as our accountant gets them back to us, we'll drop them in the mail and then not worry about it for another year. Except for changing the withholdings for the state. I'm tired of owing them money every year. There goes another eighty five bucks or so a month from my paycheck. Sigh. We will get ahead someday, right?


OH MY #6 said...

17 is pretty friggin impressive!


Cyndi and Dean James said...

Congrats on 17 Months!! It feels like we have been waiting FOR EVER!! We forgot about our 17 months. We are going to go and celebrate tonight. We do something every month. We call it Ali Shea Day. About the Taxes. I know how you feel. When I was working we owed LOTS in taxes. The last year I worked we owed over $5,00. I haven't worked since. I really makes a difference. It is very hard, but we have made it work for 6 yrs now. It also get very boring. I can't wait until Ali Shea is here. It will be better. I am sending Hugs and Smiles to you. Don't you feel them. :)
Have a great weekend.
Cyndi James
Waiting for Alicyn Shea
LID 10/24/06

Anonymous said...

$29,000 back from the Feds. It helps to own a home, huge tax break.

Michelle said...

Anonymous:$29,00? Really? Did you ever think maybe you might be paying too much in taxes? If I got that much back I would certainly talk to my accountant about keeping more of my paycheck per month instead of paying too much and getting it back once a year. And yeah, a house would help us out with the tax situation, but that isn't an option for us right now.