Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Doctor's Appointment

So I went to the new nephrologist today(kidney doctor). Overall I would say it went well.

When the doctor walked into the room and introduced himself the first thing he said was
1971 huh? That's the year I was born. We're the same age!"

I was shocked. My other nephrologist is much, much(much) older than he is.

I instantly felt a connection with him. I felt like there was somewhat of a generation gap between myself and my other nephrologist at times. I often felt as though he didn't "get" me.

This doctor "got" me.

So he starts of with the usual health related questions, going over the health history form I had filled out in the waiting room. I can't tell you how many doctors I have seen that don't do this! They give a cursory glance at the form, and then barge right into the exam.

Not this doctor. He took the time to go over the answers I had provided, asking me additional information along the way.

He didn't have all of my records from the other doctor, just my latest test results, so he asked me what the other nephrologist had told me regarding my condition.

I told him the type of kidney disease I had been diagnosed with, and small amount of information that I had been provided with.

It is an Auto-immune disease

It is degenerative. Over time my kidney function will decrease until they shut down completely, requiring Dialysis, and eventually a kidney transplant.

There is no treatment.

There is no cure.

He agreed with most of what I said.


And this is a HUGE but.

He feels that possibly I have more than one type of disease going on. One that us treatable.
He said often IGA masks the symptoms of other types of kidney disease and people will go untreated for the other disease because they think it is IGA and there is nothing that can be done.

The reason he feels this is because my body had such a positive reaction to the Prednisone.

He said that IGA is highly unlikely to respond to steroids. In fact, he said the chances were only about 1% and that he had never seen someone with IGA respond to that type of treatment at all.

My other doctor seemed quite shocked that the Prednisone had worked, but he never once questioned why. He never looked for an underlying reason. He just accepted it for what it was, and never thought twice about it.

This doctor is not happy with the results of my urine tests. The same results that my doctor said were "fine".

I currently have 2 grams of protein in my urine. He said that was not acceptable. He gave me some odds.

If I have 2 grams of protein in my urine, the chances that I will need a transplant in 7-10 years is roughly 60-70%.

If we can get the level of protein down to 1 gram, the percentage drops to 40-50% in 10-15 years.

If the protein level goes down to .5 grams(or less), the chances drop to 20-30% in 15-20 years.
Of course these are all estimates.

But I personally prefer those last set of numbers. He can't understand why my doctor would be okay with me having 2 grams of protein in my urine.

He looked at me and said "Do you want me to be honest with you?"

I chuckled nervously and said "I don't know. Ummm..I mean, Yes."

"I want to be proactive and try an extremely aggressive approach for your disease."

I almost burst into tears right there. Seriously. I wanted to hug the man.

Up until this point I have been told "We have done all we can do. There is nothing more to be done. Now we just have to wait and see what your body decides to do."

I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm not a "wait and see" kind of person. Especially when you are talking about organ failure. MY organ failure.

I told him Yes, of course, I will do whatever you want me to, whatever it takes.

He sent me right over to the imaging center for a renal ultrasound. That same day.

I go in next week for a complete lab workup(which they do right there in the office-love that), then in 2 weeks when the results come in we sit down and go over the game plan.

He wants me to have another kidney biopsy.

Am I thrilled about it? No. It is an uncomfortable procedure.

But I will happily do it if it will help him come up with a plan to delay organ failure as long as humanly possible.

I left his office feeling ecstatic.

After the ultrasound though, as I got into my car I became very emotional. I sat there in my car, leaning over the steering wheel and cried.

I didn't even know why I was crying. But once I started I couldn't stop.

I cried great, heaving sobs until I was spent. Then I called Joe and told him the news.

I had a strange feeling inside the entire way home. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Then as I pulled into the parking garage at my apartment, I realized what it was.

It was Hope. For the first time in a very long time regarding this crappy disease, I felt Hope.

And it feels good.


Rhonda said...

What great news! I'm glad you finally have a doctor that listened to you and gave you a good prognosis!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Michelle ~ I am SO happy for you... it's difficult when you lose hope. Sometimes that's all we have. Oh, and I was watching Oprah today on my DVR (can't believe I admitted that) and Dr. Oz said that less than 10% of all people seek a second opinion. But - when they do - that second opinion changes their lives for the good in over 30% of the cases. Isn't that amazing? And wonderful to think you might be among them?

Anonymous said...

I love to hear good news and know that prayer works.


Tracy said...

Congratulations! Looks like your decision to switch doctors will be an easy one:) I am so glad you found a doctor that is a good fit for you.

Not to bring up anything negative (but it's not like you haven't already thought about it), but since you are seeing your nephrologist again does it mean your insurance is covering all of this again? I HOPE SO!!!

OH MY #6 said...

fantastic Michelle!


Brandi said...

That's GREAT news, Michelle!

I'm so happy there may be something that can be done, and that you've found a doctor you like. But even more than that, I'm glad you have hope again! :)

Hang in there!

Karen and Bob said...

Michelle...your post brought a smile to my face! This is such fantastic news.

Lisa and Tate said...

Oh wow... this is huge great news! What a gem you have found in your new MD! No wonder you feel hope.... I cannot wait to hear the plan.. I know it will be great news.


3D said...

I read this post and my heart felt for you. It felt the hope you feel and the happiness you feel for having a doctor who gets you and is proactive. I am SO happy that you went for that second opinion and it turned out to be a shock but a good one.

Keep us posted!

Keep smilin!

Laura said...

Oh Michelle;

I am so very happy for you! Sometimes all it takes is finding another MD - thank goodness you did!


Anonymous said...
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Kayce said...

Michelle I'm so happy for you! I know just what you are feeling, especially knowing that you have a doctor that actually cares.

There is so much hope coming your way, so much.

Michelle said...

Dear Anonymous

Thanks for stopping by. I did do a little research on the mental disorder that you claim I have. I found it interesting. I do see some of the traits in myself, but the majority of those symptoms do not fit my personality. At all. I think just the act of having a blog is in itself a bit narcissistic. I have a mental health practitioner to diagnose and treat me. I prefer to listen to them and take their advice than some stranger on the internet. I appreciate your concern though. Please don't be worried about my ability to parent a child. My husband and I will do just fine. Please feel free to e-mail me privately if you wish to discuss this further. I assume you either have this disorder yourself, or know someone who does. Unless you are a medical health practitioner, with a medical degree, please don't go around diagnosing perfect strangers on the internet. Especially me. Thanks.

Kristin said...

Michelle -

Great news... your new doctor sounds spot on!

Kylie's momma said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing the Happy Dance for you BOTH! A BIG step forward in better days to come! :-)

Gracencameronsmomy said...

Yay! And, oh yeah...Anon. ummm psycho much??

KHM said...

This is FANTASTIC news. How wonderful to know you may just have options!

Three cheers for the new Doc in town.

dmbonilla said...

Eff all the mean people. You are amazing and everyone knows it! You rock!


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

This is wonderful news! You have to be lovin' your new Doc!

Have a wonderful weekend,


Donna and Joe said...

Hi Michelle,

I lost hold of your e-mail address and want to ask you something about your kidney problem. Can you shoot me your e-mail address at


Joannah said...

Wow! That's huge!

Alyson & Ford said...

Wow! I could feel your pain and joy of hope... brought tears to my eyes (happiness... I am also very tired right now!). Keep looking for those answers!

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DOR 08/12/08
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rubyiscoming said...

fantastic news, Michelle! Me likey this new doctor for you :)

Hope....a good thing to hold onto