Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am still suffering from writer's block so here are some bullets for you. Everyone loves those, don't they?

--I love when we have a Monday off because then I only have to work one day and then I get another day off(I don't work on Wednesdays). Yippee!

--I did nothing this weekend. Absolutely nothing. Well, except have lunch with my Dad, and also my friend DeAnn, which I guess isn't exactly nothing, but I did nothing with my husband. Why, you might ask? Because he has been asleep for the last four days!!!!! ARRRGGHHH! Which brings us to the next bullet.

--I am hating my husband's part time job. Hating. It. Well, actually it's not the job that I hate, but rather the hours. Yes, I am going to whine about the graveyard shift again. I know, you've heard it before, but it's really getting to me right now, so go ahead and skip to the next bullet if you're tired of hearing about it. I thought we would get used to it. I thought we would adjust. But we haven't. He still sleeps 10-12 hours during the day the nights he works(it is an extremely physically demanding job), he is not helping me with the chores around the house, we never get to spend any time together and I hate sleeping alone. He has talked about quitting and finding another job where he can get his health insurance from, but that $5000.00 adoption benefit is too good to pass up. I heard that Star.buck's also provides it for their employees, but the hours there are messed up too. Not overnight, but 3:00 a.m. shifts. He's already been at this job for five months and I think he needs to stick with it. Of course, if his teaching load paid enough money and provided health benefits for us, he wouldn't have to work a part time job. This is a constant cause of bickering between us. When he is awake enough for us to bicker, that is. I know, I need to be thankful that he is making more money now and we're getting back on our feet. I need to suck it up. Sigh.

--I have become totally addicted to Facebook. I know, a couple months ago I said I didn't get why everyone was so into it, but for some reason now I get it and I am on it all the time. Oh, by the way if you see me online during the hours of 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00, I am at work and am not supposed to be on the internet(there's a little box at the bottom that tells you which of your friends are online-kinda cool!) So don't be offended if I don't answer you if you try to "chat" with me. I'm not supposed to be on there! But we've been really slow at work lately, okay? :)

--Speaking of Facebook, I had adopted several virtual pets on there that I have to take care of. I have a horse and a puppy. You have to earn points and buy stuff to keep them alive and healthy. Well, the horse is no problem because they give you points just for logging on. But for the puppy, they make you buy the points(not going to happen), or participate in some of their free "offers" to earn points. Well I haven't been earning any points and my puppy is doing very badly! I'm afraid he's going to die and that makes me very sad! Joe said I need to delete that application because it is causing me stress. Oh, and he also thinks I need to get a life. He might be right.

--In order to earn points for my puppy, I signed up with one of their sponsers to do surveys for different companies. For each survey that you qualify for and complete, you earn points for your puppy. Well I don't qualify for any of the surveys! I have tried to fill out no less than 15 surveys and I get past three or four questions and then it says I do not qualify! What's up with that? Apparently I am un-survey-able! I don't know what demographic they are looking for, but I am not it. Hmph! I can't even give my opinion away!

--I finally got around to adding some of the music my sister sent me onto the blog. Happy now, Lisa?

--I need to go make dinner but Joe is sleeping and I hate cooking for one so I may just heat up some leftovers.

--That was extremely boring. Sorry!

P.S. Almost forgot to add-many of my blogging friends are getting closer to their referrals and I am getting so excited for them! If things continue to speed up, I may just find the motivation to start on that paperwork re-new!


Tracy, Amelia and Jack said...

That comment about your husband saying you need to get a life made me laugh. I can totally see myself doing something like that too (and I was a little stressed when you said your puppy wasn't doing well....so I can only imagine how I would be if it were MY puppy). I don't get that feature about "buying" people...apparently I'm only worth $1-so it wasn't worth my time to even check it out...lol.

I would say you are 23 with lots of money and a shopping addiction-I bet they would let you do a survey....or maybe it's a scam-you can't do the "free" stuff, so in order to keep your poor puppy alive it will force you to pay for it!

Stacey T. said...

To earn puppy dollars you can go to your friends puppies and pet them and tickle them, that's 4 points a day per puppy you pet. haha! Also, play flyball 5 times a day, you can get like 15 to 20 per win!

Shannon said...

I'm totally addicted to Facebook too! Ooh, and Bloggywood shouldn't be blocked at your work so that will help pass the time too!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sometimes it is nice to just spend a weekend just chilling and unwinding... as for your hubby working late... Mike worked the other day 6am to 7pm... that is what happens when you have a one person business but still it helps us getting our trips and money for China... so, I feel your pain...

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hey Michelle,

Love the pictures of you and Joe and I hear you about the computer addiction. I am addicted to creative sites right now. I hate that I don't get a chance to come by as often anymore, but I always enjoy your blog. Facebook is very cool too, I see why you can't get off of that site (lol). I also have an account there, but really haven't done much with it, maybe I should.


Cyndi said...

Thank you so much no amount is too small!!! Let me know if you do a run/walk. My girlfriend is going to be so excited about the money raised in her honor. Thanks again.

Cyndi said...

Hey I have crackbook oh I mean facebook. Im under cyndi cox johnson