Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bento Giveaway

Lisa is having a really cool giveaway over at her Maisie eats Bento blog. You should check it out!

I have been wanting to get into this for some time now and I love seeing the creative Bentos she packs for her sweet little Maisie.

On another note, there is never a dull moment around here.

Last night I dragged Joe to the Urgent Care because I have had this sore on my ear for the last five days and it had become so painful I knew something was not right.

So at 9:00 at night(just before they closed), we headed over to the local Urgent Care where I was told I had a Staph infection! On the outside of my upper ear. Yuck. And also scary!

He thought I had possibly picked it up from the airplane(or airport), but I was chatting with my sister on Facebook last night and my nephew had a Staph infection last week too! So I'm sure now that I got it from him.

It is sooooooo painful.

Enough with the sicknesses and medical problems already. I'm done. Do you hear me Universe? Done!

They gave me a shot of antibiotics in the bottom last night. It didn't hurt when they gave it to me, but boy did it hurt when I got home. I had to lay with an ice pack on my rear before I went to bed last night. Nice.

Lastly, my friend DeAnn is having surgery early this morning, so if you could, think good thoughts that everything goes smoothly and without complications.

And yes, I am up at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday. Sleep has been elusive for me this week.


Natalie said...

Hi Michelle. I'm so glad you went to UC last night!!!! What a scary thing. I'll be praying for you and your friend DeAnn.
I hope you have a happy Saturday.

Lisa~~ said...

Thank you for entering the Maisie Eats Bento 100th Bento Giveaway and for posting about it on your blog. Wishing you luck for the giveaway and hope that you are feeling better very soon.

Liene said...

I had a staph infection in April 2005 and it was so severe I was hospitalized until they could isolate it and figure out which antibiotics would kill it. Then I had a semi-permanent IV line put in for 6 weeks and had a constant stream of antibiotics going into me. They were so strong they made me sick and killed even the good bacteria in my body.

Last year when I had Pneumonia they gave me a shot in the arse and it didn't hurt then but man, I got this nasty black & blue bruise and it definitely smarted to sit on it.

Hope you start feeling better soon!

dmbonilla said...

I still cant believe you had a staph infection.. here we were at lunch putting ice cubes on it.. thanks again for everything with my surgery.. you rock! i'll let you know about that ride.. hugs!