Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long time no blog huh?

I don't know what happened, except for being gone last weekend and ever since I came home I haven't been feeling well and kind of lost motivation to do anything.

Still struggling with the migraines but I won't bore you with the details because it gets old after awhile. The new meds my doctor gave me aren't helping all that much, which is a huge disappointment because I was really hoping I could get some medicine for them and it would work and they would go away forever. Not that I set my expectations too high or anything. :)

I had a fantastic time at my sister's, as usual. We had a blast at the scrapbook expo and made some really neat things, which I will post pictures of when I find my motivation again.

Financially things are starting to come to a head around here and I am worried and terrified all of the time. This has led to some seriously sleepless nights the last 3 nights and I feel like a walking zombie. No job prospects on the horizon for Joe plus still no check from the unemployment office(9 weeks and counting) equal us living in our car in the very near future. I'm only half kidding about that. Something has got to give. And soon.

We're going to get our taxes done this afternoon(oh joy), where I am fully expecting to hear more bad news, both because I didn't realize until too late that the claim status on my paycheck has been wrong the whole time I have worked at the new job, and because that seems to be how our lives have been going lately. At this point I don't even care. If we owe the state money, they can get in line behind all the other people we owe money to right now. It was their plan to cut all of those teaching jobs out of the state budget, which is what lead to Joe losing his job in the first place. Yeah, I'm feeling a little bitter.

That was a huge downer. I'm sorry. I'll be back to my cheerful self tomorrow with Thankful Thursday. I do have things to be thankful for. It's just hard to see them when you have a terrible headache and they just turned your electricity back on after being without it all morning because you couldn't pay the bill. Sigh.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

I will make it be a better day.

***Update** Apparently I hadn't given the migraine medication enough time to work because after about 2 hours it is totally gone and I am feeling much better. Usually they last all day and sometimes into the next so I am quite happy about this development. So something good did happen today. Yay. Now if only we could get some good news about our taxes. I'll keep you posted............

**We got good news about our taxes too! We just about broke even. We only owe the State about 90 bucks(which is good, seeing as though we are still making payments on what we owed them from last year) Hey, I'll take it. And we just came from the library where I got some awesome(brand new) books for 50 cents!*****


Kayce said...

Glad your migraine is gone! Oh how I hate those things!!! We have SO many kids out with them right now, it's kinda scary.

I'm with you on the state thing...get in line pal! ARGH I'm so done with what is going on in our state, so mad!

Can't wait to see you soon!! Missed you at Joyce, she was INCREDIBLE!!

The Frost Family said...

So glad your meds are working!!!! Glad your taxes worked out...everyone wants a piece, but aren't willing to give anything in return! Something is intrisically wrong with that! Will continue to pray for a job for will work out!!! Take care!!!