Friday, March 20, 2009

Well I made it so San Fransisco in one piece last night. I flew from one of the smallest airports I have ever been in into one of the largest(Hong Kong international is the largest airport I have ever been to). I flew out of Long Beach, which is a tiny little airport and I flew into San Francisco International airport which is huge.

I flew Jet.Blue, which I love. There is a lot more room in those seats than the ones on South.west.

A few things have changed since the last time I flew on Jet.Blue:

They don't provide you with headphones anymore. I am fine with this, as I always wondered how all those disposable headphones were affecting our environment. The only problem is I forgot my headphones, so I had to buy some for a dollar(which I will keep for next time, and not throw away). I had to buy them after I was already on the plane because I didn't realize until then that they wouldn't be giving them out. So the flight attendant comes over the loud speaker and says they will be coming around selling headphones for a dollar but they don't accept cash. I was like "Huh?" How are we going to pay for them then? She went on to explain that they accepted debit cards only. Then she proceeded to come down the aisle with a teeny tiny debit machine(smaller than the palm of her hand) and she slid my car through and said thanks and went on her way. It looked like a children's toy. I didn't even enter my pin or get a receipt or anything. Technology!

I was also bummed to realize that they no longer give out full sized snacks like they used to. They usually give out whole bags of chips or cookies and full size water bottles. Not anymore. Now you get a tiny package of mini cookies or cashews and a mini water bottle. The were still giving out the whole can of soda if you ordered that. But I hadn't had a chance to eat much of anything for dinner and I was hungry so that little bag of cashews didn't do much for me.

The t.v.'s were on the fritz for the entire trip, so those headphones that cost me a dollar didn't do me any good at all. I had forgotten my book at home so I had little else to do than scooch as far towards the wall as I could and not touch woman sitting next to me.

Why, you ask? I am not normally an anti-social person. I can be pretty shy, but I am friendly when other people talk to me and will have a conversation with someone if they start one up.

Well as I boarded the plane and walked down the aisle to my seat, I see there are only two seats in my row, an aisle and a window seat. Mine was the window seat and another woman was sitting in the aisle. As I approached my seat I smiled at her and said "I'm by the window". Not even glancing at me or acknowledging me at all, she stands up to let me in. In doing so, she whacks her head on the ceiling.

I put my hand on her arm and said "Oh, are you alright?" She quickly snatched her arm away from my hand and said nothing. She wouldn't even look at me. At this point I am starting to move into my seat and I turn to her and say "I'm sorry". For what, I don't know because she is the one who stood up too fast and bumped her head, not me! It's not my fault! She simply turned her head away from me and pretended she hadn't even heard me.

Mean! While we are waiting for the rest if the passengers to board she notices that the arm rest is not down so she slammed it down firmly to make sure I stayed on my side of the airplane. Later on during the flight my arm strayed over the arm rest and touched hers slightly and she pulled her arm away from me quickly like I had the plague or something.

I spent the entire hour and fifteen minute flight squished up against the window of the plane, trying not to touch her. Oh yeah, and bored and hungry too. I tried to sleep but was unable.

Good times. At least next time I'll have my Dad to keep me company on the plane so I don't have to sit next to any mean ladies.

I guess the only important thing is that I arrived safely and got to see the kids before I went to bed and in a few minutes me and Lisa are headed out to the Scrapbook festival.



2china4S said...

Mean people really suck. TVs on a one hour flight? Now that's pretty cool (if they work). Enjoy your time with your family. When are you heading this way again? We need to get together. :)

Rhonda said...

What a ya-hole!

Anonymous said...

Flying sucks. I am sick of it.

Teena said...

Michelle, hopefully you'll be able to laugh about the airplane wacko down the road. Please console yourself with the fact that she obviously has major issues. If she's that rude to you, imagine how she acts to everyone else in her life. You can't keep friends or boyfriends happy if you are, frankly, a bitch. As she obviously is. You are a friendly, outgoing person with lots of friends and family who adores you. I would place a wager that she has none of that. At least, no one who stays around for long.

Maybe that's mean of me to assume she's friendless. But it appears to be a safe assumption. Sorry you had to deal with her ridiculous behavior. You didn't do ANYTHING wrong.

It would have been fun if you had kept trying to talk to her, and engage her, and watch her squirm even more. I know, I know...I couldn't have done that, either. But still...sometimes it's fun to torture mean people.

Tracy, Amelia and Jack said...

Maybe she has a phobia about people being too close to her or something? I am so mean, I know I would have spent my hour and 15 min devising ways to cross that line just ever so much-not enough to look like I was out of my space, but enough to annoy her. I really am not a very nice person

Kayce said...

I hope your trip home was better. Can't wait to hear all about your scrapping weekend!

Retro Girl said...

What a beast that lady was! If she doesn't like being near strangers, she shouldn't use any type of public transportation. Sorry you had to endure that. I agree with the other comments--she probably is just one of those bitter nasty people who treats everyone she comes in contact with badly. That's sad for her...that she's wasting precious time in this short life to make personal connections with people.

I usually try the nice thing at first...(Say something like "Flying sometimes makes me nervous too. But this is a pretty short flight, thankfully. I'm glad I got to sit by someone nice" and try to get her to loosen up...) LOL and if that doesn't work...I'd probably say "Sorry I seem to be crowding you or making you uncomfortable. Maybe the flight attendant can find one of us another seat so you can relax better. (LOL)

Btw, I gave you a bloggy-award on my blog. Come see. :-)

Hope the rest of your trip was lovely, and your scrappin-time was lots of fun!

Snowflowers Mum said...

people are weird...she needs a martini.